June 20 to be Father Rahl Day

June 7, 2010

LOTS.org forum user Sister Ginevra posted this message. I am reposting it here. Any updates will be announced in the forum first.

Father’s Day June 20th
Last month we celebrated Mother Confessor Day and Richard’s Necklace Day. This month, June 20th is Father’s Day, in the USA at least, In Season One I seem to recall that they referred to Lord Rahl as Father Rahl. There was even a little prayer:

Father Rahl guide us.
Father Rahl teach us.
Father Rahl protect us.
In your light we thrive.
In your mercy we are sheltered.
In your wisdom we are humbled.
We live only to love you.
Our lives are yours.

I’m thinking of changing it a bit, but still working on it. But the major point I’d like to make is that each month we pick a holiday, it doesn’t have to be an American holiday, and make it a Seeker related holiday. If I am correct July 1 is Canada Day. We could make it Midlands Day. Aug 5th is Sisters Day, we could make it Mord’Sith Day, Grandparents Day is Sept 12th this year, we could make it Zedd’s Day. Then we send our Seeker related cards to ABC and others we want to continue to show that we are not giving up.

For Mother Confessor Day several of you made some really great Mother Confessor Day cards. Lets see what you all can come up with for Father Rahl Day.

Also what other monthly Holidays should we have?

Father Rahl, protect our Show!


  1. In the books (don’t know about series) the chant actually goes “we live only to serve you” I believe. just my 2 cents

  2. Great Idea….We can do it… it would help in rewriting some of these people….Father’s Day with
    Father Rahl is okay by me… ras 🙂

  3. Yes, it was noted in the original forum discussion, I believe, that Sister Ginevra had made some judicious edits. The point is to make the chant more compatible with the idea of Father’s Day.

    Think of it as a mini-pastiche. 🙂

  4. I think for sisters day it should be sisters of the dark and/or light day I think it fits : )

  5. How about the fourth of July?

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