Seeker fans asking IGN for coverage

June 4, 2010

LOTS.org forum user LoveforKahlan started this discussion about contacting IGN to ask them to cover the fan campaign.

Here is her post. Please check the forum for any updates:

Contacting IGN (they like the show) – Let’s go!
IGN gave season 2 a healthy score of 7.8/10:

1. Email them politely asking them to cover the worldwide #SaveourSeeker campaign:

Good links to include at the end of your email:
http:// www . youtube . com /watch?v=sgWWeOA9NL8

2. Tweet the Executive Editor once only: http://twitter.com/EricIGN
or Tweet the Editor once only: http://twitter.com/Fowler_IGN

3. Leave comments on the article. Thank them for covering Legend of the seeker.

Do not send anything multiple times, this will annoy them and they’ll be less likely to consider helping us.



  1. I wrote them too, WE ALL SHOULD! Eloquent letters, properly phrased, can draw enough attention to the site. All we need is for the right person to see the website, our organized movement, and I guarantee we can make real progress. I will gladly continue this effort if for no other reason than to prove that the media has united us in ways never before imagined. This website is an organized movement, a mobilization of like-minded folks who together wish to impose change through coordinated effort and respectful protest. THIS IS WHAT THE NEW CENTURY IS ALL ABOUT: MOBILIZATION OF THE PUBLIC-SPHERE THROUGH THE WORLD-WIDE-WEB… POWER TO THE SEEKER! And may the Spirits be with us all :-).

  2. Please cover our Save Our Seeker Campaign.

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