Seeker fans asking Deadline Hollywood for fan campaign coverage

June 4, 2010

LOTS.org forum user LoveforKahlan has started this discussion proposing that fans contact Deadline Hollywood to ask for an article on the Save The Seeker campaign.

Here is her post:

Getting “Deadline Hollywood” to run an article on us
Deadline Hollywood do entertainment news and frequently report on television shows

The founder & editor in chief is Nikki Finke. Please email her once – inform her of what a fantastic fantasy show Legend of the Seeker is, alert her to the campaign and our efforts and achievements so far and politely ask if she’d consider running an article to help us spread awareness of our quest for Legend of the Seeker’s continuance.

Email: nikki@deadline.com

You may also tweet her once but email is more important

LOTS.org forum user oicaxf also suggested:

Send links to saveourseeker.com, seekerwall and our last SOS video, guys

Direct Links are:



http:// www . youtube . com /watch?v=sgWWeOA9NL8


  1. Email 2 Deadline sent out. Everyone pls do the same. TY.

  2. I have written them. Everyone should… The more organized we get, the more we can accomplish.

  3. The full address of the Seeker Wall is http://seekerwall.com not theseekerwall.com [no “the”]. Thanks!

    [And done, and done.]

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