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June 4, 2010

You may recall that a few days ago we were asked by Cine TV Buzz to collect questions for Bridget Regan, who will be at the Monte Carlo TV Festival this weekend. Here are the questions we received and which have now been sent on to Cine TV Buzz. I hope fans get the answers they are seeking.

Veepu Eco:
What is the best part of you in Legend Of The Seeker (besides Kahlan Amnell)? If you were to audition for a part in the show. Would you consider playing the part of Cara?

1: How has your career on Legend of the Seeker changed your life? Do you think you will ever be the same again now that it may be over?
2: Do you have any words of encouragement for Seeker fans? Sometimes it looks pretty bleak for us, but anything encouraging from you would surly ignite a fire in the hearts of everyone.

Tenley Morgan:
Question 4 Bridget–

Do you know of any networks that may be interested in picking up the series as of right now to give it a 3rd Season? Alot of us are hearing chatter & a bunch of possible BS, but what have you heard?

1: So how do you like working with Craig Horner and whats its like to go from seeing him everyday to not seeing Craig at all???
2: So whats it like living in New Zealand seeing your friends Craig, Tab, etc and then coming back to New York? How has the time change been on you?

Shirley Thorson:
How did you feel when you were told of the cancellation of Legend of the Seeker? Craig H. first thought was that he didn’t have a chance to say a proper goodbye to his co-stars and crew. Have you talked to Craig H and Tab about the cancellation? Even though the season finale was amazing and you and Craig and everyone were incredible, we fans are fighting hard to get it back. We are not giving up. Thank you.

Andrea Pelleschi:
1: Besides being an actor and now a producer, do you have any desire to write and/or direct as well? Have you written or directed something already, and if so, what?
2: What was your most fun thing to do on Legend of the Seeker? The fight scenes, comedy (as in Mirror), the love scenes, the serious drama, or something else altogether?
3: Do you keep in touch with anyone from the cast now that everyone has moved on?

I would like to ask Bridget if she awaits good news of Legend of the Seeker being back in some form, or if she avoids it?

Lynn Mallette:
I know you loved your character of Kahlan. Do you think you will play her again in the near future?

Brittany Rosenblatt:
1: What was the one thing that got you through your tough work-week schedule? A person? A book? Encouraging words?
2: I love the show, and thank you for giving it everything you have. We fans appreciate you and all you do! I’m still fighting for a season 3!

1: Are you looking for new roles? Do you know if the others are doing the same?
2: Have you seen Tabrett’s movies?
3: Can you talk a little bit more about your friendship with Tab?
4: Can you please convince Tab to open a Twitter/FaceBook/whatever account, so fans can contact her too?

Megan Hsiao:
Do you believe that the “Save Our Seeker” campaign will bring back a third season?

1. Have you read any of the Sword of Truth books after Wizard’s First Rule?
2. What is your favourite scene from the books and from the TV series?
3. If the Save Our Seeker campaign works, how many more seasons would you actually want to play Kahlan (a.k.a. stay in New Zealand)?
4. Do you already have a new job lined up or could you return to Legend of the Seeker if the Save Our Seeker campaign works?
5. What is a scene between Richard and Kahlan that you would have liked to film? (it doesn’t have to be a book moment)

Kevin Schnell:
Tabrett’s character did some girl-on-girl kissing on LotS, and you two became good friends outside the show, how would you feel having to share a kiss with Tabrett on screen?

I’d like to know how she went about creating her character, with such a balance of intensity and compassion? I’d also like to know what she thought about the role of the confessors in the society of Midlands?

1: Were you a fan of the fantasy genre before working on Seeker? And has being on Seeker increased your interest in fantasy?
2: Do you plan to keep Kahlan’s trademark dark hair after the show?
3: Would you like there to be a spin-off focusing on Kahlan (or any of the other characters for that matter)?

Cine TV Buzz is French entertainment news Website. You can read more about the Monte Carlo TV Festival on their site.


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