FLASH: Seeker star is still under contract!

June 2, 2010

Bridget Regan tells Hollywood Life that she is still under contract for Legend of the Seeker.

“I tried to get some answers,” she says. “It was not going to be produced by ABC unless someone else would come along and produce the show. I don’t know the whole of it … they haven’t told me … everyone was surprised by it.”

Bridget sadly recounted the day she heard the news. “One of the writers of the show told me … the main writer and we had a nice long talk about it and he was obviously very sad. I still haven’t even been released from my contract but I know it’s coming soon.”

Okay, she EXPECTS to be released from the contract soon — but there is no reason to stop fighting NOW!

Maybe while we’re working to get Craig on the cover of TIME we should think about getting Bridget on the cover of COSMOPOLITAN, which is the largest-selling young women’s magazine in the U.S.

Hm …


  1. I think that getting Bridget on the COSMOPOLITAN Magazine is a great idea!!!!! I know lots of women read that. Anything to help get the LOTS out there for people to see.

  2. That sounds like an excellent idea…Bridget Regan on the cover of Cosmo. I think it would be awesome to have her interviewed, and…maybe…wishful thinking…as an informal “advertisement” for the show Legend of the Seeker, incorporate some of those beautiful outfits that she wore on Legend of the Seeker, into photos for the article.

  3. Good job guys we can safe legend of the seeker!

  4. Don’t let Bridget out of her contract now.

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