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June 2, 2010

Here is the mockup cover I promised earlier.

Mockup of Time 2010 Person of the Year issue cover featuring Craig Horner

Mockup of Time 2010 Person of the Year issue cover featuring Craig Horner

So if you want to see this become a reality, we have to work together to get the editors at TIME thinking about what it means to Never Give Up!.

I encourage you to make your own mockup covers and distribute them wherever you can: Web forums, blogs, image galleries, etc. Print them out and distribute them on bulletin boards.

Deadline: Somewhere around November 15, 2010.

Objective: Make a buzz, get people to talking about this and what “Never Give Up!” means.

How to contact TIME: Time Contact Page or just send an email to letters -at- time -dot- com.

But DON’T send those emails just yet. Let’s first build up a presence across the Web. I’ll be buying a press release on a major service to announce the campaign once it’s under way. I mean no criticism of the volunteers who put together other press releases but THIS one will hit media circles. That costs money and I’ll put some out of my pocket. Why? Because I love the challenge.

If you have a PayPal account and want to donate $5-10 toward the distribution, please use the Xenite.Org Contact Form to let me know of your interest. I’m not asking for money at this time, but I won’t mind hearing from a few people who want to help. The press release will cost somewhere between $100 to $300. I’m comfortable with that.

Let’s do this. Maybe along the way we’ll Save the Seeker. But more importantly, we’ll make a stand and leave a mark that will remind people that SF fans are not just geeks and convenient foils for mainstream retrospectives on popular movies and books.

Are you with me, Seeker Fans? Make a noise and be heard like never before….



  1. Well, Mr. Martinez, you have me on board and I would like to donate a.s.a.p

  2. Count me in to donate (sent you a message on Xenite).

  3. It looks amazing!

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  5. we really need to bring make legend of the seeker so please help us get it back,,my son loves watchin it i have the two dvds that he watchs almost everyday so hurry and bring it back so we can see the story live on its a really great show

  6. You have me

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