Seeker Fan Book Project wants your messages

June 1, 2010

Don’t ask me how I missed this interesting idea. LOTS.org forum user belamordsith posted this announcement on May 19:

We were talking some days ago in a post (now I can’t remember), it would be great send to the tv channels, a message that looks like a book.

You have the opportunity to do it now, in a new project. “The Seeker Fan Book”

You can send your questions about the project to: admin@theseekerfanbook.com

You can send your messages, talking about what do you like of this series, or wathever that you want about Legend of the Seeker and why are you fighting for save the Seeker to: messages@theseekerfanbook.com

You can send your fanart (drawings, banners, walls….) to: fanarts@theseekerfanbook.com
You can send your fanvids to: fanvids@theseekerfanbook.com

So, please participate in the Seeker Fan Book project visiting the website: http://www.theseekerfanbook.com

P.S: I am looking for someone who knows the perfect place to print the book in USA. Because it will be much faster than if I do it here in Spain.

Keep Fighting!

You can read more about the project at The Seeker Fan Book Website.

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