Second Half of Craig Horner Interview Now Online

June 1, 2010

Hopefully more people in the media will reach out to Craig now that he has free time. The second part of PopStar/TVStar’s interview is now online here.

And I’ve been thinking about something. Maybe we should nominate Craig for Time’s Man of the Year. Why? First, he’s incredibly humble and sincere and although I’ve many fan-friendly actors who are just as grateful for our love and support as can be, Craig brings the adventure of being a TV star to a whole new level.

But more importantly, he played a character who has inspired a legion of fans to “Never Give Up”. That message is very important right now as we find ourselves immersed in the worst environmental disaster in human history (technically, the Earth has gone through worse and survived) and as the United States is now engaged in the longest running war in its history (the war in Afghanistan and against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, will really began before September 11, 2001).

“Never Give Up” should be the message for 2010. So what do you? Is Craig a good candidate for our man or not?

I fear that Time might do something stupid again and make the iPad “Man of the Year”. We need a REAL man of the year, not some technological icon that really doesn’t mean anything to the human spirit.


  1. It might just be because I’m kind of sort of a fangirl, but I REALLY like that idea! Will go spread this around now.

  2. It won’t happen because of things we post on Websites but that is where I’ll be starting. Expect me to roll out a MAJOR campaign over the next week to get people to thinking about this.

  3. What types of things need to be done? Letters, forms…fundraising?

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