Kicking off the official Craig Horner for Time Man Of The Year Campaign!

June 1, 2010

It’s official: I’m committed to spearheading this project.

First step is to get everyone involved in doing something creative. If you have a blog, if you have a Seeker fan site, if you have the ability to create any sort of graphic, then please create a mockup of Craig on the cover of Time magazine and post it.

Next, we need to make sure we agree on the essential points of the message. Say it in your own words. This is not about saving the show. This is about recognizing Craig’s portrayal of a “Never Give Up” man who overcomes the greatest obstacles.

We’re looking at some pretty huge obstacles right now: environmental disaster, economic disaster, expanding terrorism, ongoing wars — it’s time for someone to remind all mankind that we should NEVER GIVE UP!

Legend of the Seeker makes a great platform for that message.

Next step, we’ll get contact information for Time and share it.

And there will be more steps.

And remember: It’s not about winning or losing — it’s about BEING HEARD. Make a noise, because it’s Time To Rumble.

ON UPDATE: I’m also going to Tweet “Craig Horner for Time #manoftheyear” once each day.

And fans who buy custom t-shirts supporting the show may want to consider getting one that promotes Craig for Time Man of the Year.

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