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May 28, 2010

LOTS.org forum user queenb13 has been maintaining this Summary of Seeker Fan Campaign Events in the LOTS.org forum.

I am reposting the May 27 updated version here. Check the thread for more recent updates. There are many links in the message. I don’t have time to embed them here.

Summary list of Group Events/Activities
Revised 05/27! In order to accommodate our new members, I have tried to incorporate efforts we have done that are complete. This should give some good context for future brainstorming. Even if things are “complete”, we can still revisit them to “rerun” at a later date if we would like to. I’ve also tried to format it so that it will maybe be a little easier to follow…

1. New York “Save Our Seeker” Event 6/3-6/4

Anyone who can be in NY to demonstrate for Seeker to coincide with Bridget’s Wanatachi production should be there! It will be great fun!
See here for details… http://forums.legendoftheseeker.org/…p-Wanatachi-**
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2. Journeybook Mail/E-Mail Campaign (JBC) – Huge importance!

Week 2 (This week) http://community.livejournal.com/leg…er/624194.html
Week 1 (Last week) http://community.livejournal.com/leg…er/600706.html

Other Snail Mail Addresses here – if you’re new, write ABC first!

Fox info here –

If you’re catching up, and haven’t mailed some of the earlier stations on the dates listed, send mail anyway. Better late than never! There are several links with sample letters and/or e-mails. Or just send a simple postcard/card with the “SaveOurSeeker” message.

Congrats and thanks to all who participated in the May 24th Richard’s Necklace Mail Campaign! and the Mother’s Day “Happy Mother Confessor Day” postcard mailing.
__________________________________________________ _________

3. SOS Fundraising supported by Terry Goodkind –
Please donate at saveourseeker.com!

So far, we have raised over $20,000 in one month. This fundraising has enabled us to:

-Publish full-page ads in Variety magazine and the Hollywood Reporter (these can be viewed at SOS.com)
-As of this week, funding is complete for the Library DVD donation campaign, which will include donations of 250+ DVD sets to libraries and our armed forces overseas.

The donation button is staying open to fund future advertising efforts.
Confirmed upcoming – bus canopies near ABC Studios which will display the Variety ad from June 7th to July 6th. Billboards after that! Find more info here –


TG is also supporting this campaign. See his official statement here –


The SOS team is also investigating having an auction of show props, signed books, and/or other show-related items as another fund-raising activity. Stay tuned for more details! Warning – I’ve heard competition for Kahlan’s backpack is pretty stiff already. LOL!
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4. Amazon Drive –

Buy Season 1 DVD sets, get LotS up in Amazon rank, and help get Region 2-6 DVD releases!

Order through Save Our Seeker store, and help raise even more funds for the campaign!


More info here –


You can also sign up to get e-mail notification when S2 becomes available, and put it on your Wish List. Let’s let them know how much the world wants LotS, including another season!

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5. Stream episodes on Hulu –

ABC has part ownership, and viewings are counted


You can set to “auto-play” if you hover over the bottom left of the video screen, then run in the background if and when you are not actually watching.

Also tweet hulu at @HULU and ask them to feature LotS. Please don’t spam – one tweet per person is enough.
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6. Petition and Faxo Voting –

If you haven’t already, sign the petition to “Give LotS a Season 3” here –

Faxo polls are here –

Congratulations to all for getting LotS over the top to win the Best TV Show contest.

There are a number of other open faxo voting polls with LotS entrants – go check it out!
__________________________________________________ _____________

7. Seeker wall http://www.seekerwall.com

Please submit a simple picture of yourself with some LotS connection/reference for the wall. The site has instructions, or find them here…


Plans are to create a “journeybook” of fan pictures to send to ABC and Sam Raimi.
Update: Submissions to make it into the book are closed, but please feel free to still post a picture on the site for visitors to see…

Also follow @seekerwall on Twitter!
__________________________________________________ __

8. Seeker Book of Fan Artwork http://www.theseekerfanbook.com/

Upload fan art, fan videos, and messages as to why you love LotS. This will also be compiled to send to ABC and other parties.


Already we have an original song, artwork and videos. This fandom is amazing!
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9.Twitter – apparently twitter has changed their trending rules to disallow repetitive trending of the same phrase (to get rid of the Justin Bieber people).

New strategy is to tweet answers to the “question of the day”. See info here –

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10. Combined Fan Videos – Deadlines for submissions for both fan videos have passed, and work has begun on the finished products. Can’t wait to see them!

Psst- Pass It On (Around the World)

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11. Online Advertising – Currently deferred until the completion of other efforts

Michael suggests http://www.federatedmedia.net/authors/hdtv
“$30 for 1,000 impressions”. On the HDTV site, a month’s worth of impressions might run to about $3000.

Discussion is here –
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12. LotS T-shirts

There will be a poll to vote on the design starting 5/31 or 6/1, with three days of voting. There will be a week afterward to order. Candidates for the design are the two ads (Variety and THR), plus some other submissions since the ads are very paper-oriented and might not translate as well to a t-shirt. Link is here –

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13. LotS Bumper Stickers – idea still pending more development
__________________________________________________ ____________________

14. iTunes Monday – Complete for new episodes, but we can keep buying! We want LotS to be on lists where people will see it
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15. UN Charity campaign –
This campaign is complete, but you can still make a donation in the name of LotS if you would like to. This will generate an e-card to a designated party at ABC.

Info is here –
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