Seeker fans looking for conventions and book events

May 24, 2010

Legend of the Seeker is based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. We all know that. Well, these books are discussed at science fiction fan conventions and often sold at book events.

LOTS.org forum members are organizing a campaign to promote Legend of the Seeker at book-related events.

Let me issue a word of caution: As with all franchises, some fans of the books are less enthused with the TV show. That’s just the way it goes with any book-to-film/TV adaptation. Many people have said they love both the books and the show.

We can help raise awareness of Legend of the Seeker by politely engaging with book-related fans. It may require nothing more than putting out some flyers (reprinting the Save Our Seeker ads is easy) and/or wearing some t-shirts.

If people are intrigued, they’ll talk to you.

If you are comfortable with public speaking, ask local conventions to let you organize a fan table and breakout session about the show.

We’re interested in seeing more Legend of the Seeker programming because we think it’s worthwhile.

Let’s show ABC Studios and Disney there is a real audience for the franchise in whatever form it comes back (Direct-to-DvD, theatrical film, made-for-TV film, Direct-to-Internet, etc.).

Heck — I’d even listen to a radio show.


  1. I live in the UK and would be thrilled if Terry Goodkind would consider visiting the Uk as there are many fans here as well who are trying to save the show and I would gladly travel to the other side of the UK to get to the place where he might go. I live in Bristol and am currently studying for my GCSE’s and would love that more than anything else in the world.

  2. Seeker fans can ask conventions to have legend of the Seeker panels. Or if you can get on a panel at a con, host it with other LOTS fans. Also see if you can get a convention to give you a video room and run LOTS during part or all weekend depending on what you can set up with the con. Back before amine was as popular as it is now, my friends and I would use our own room to run amine shows during the con. We could do that with LOTS.

  3. There is a Comic Book Convention in Charlotte, NC Called HeroesCon June 4 – 6. I am thinking about going June 5th to spread the word about LotS. I guess ill hand out flyers and wear my seeker tee shirt that kind of stuff. If there is anyone in the area interested in going please let me know. http://www.heroesonline.com/heroescon/

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