One Fox Station’s response to a fan

May 24, 2010

Be not discouraged, dear hearts. But here is a message that was shared by LOTS.org forum user sword today:

this is the answer from Valencya.Tucker -at- FOXTV -dot- COM

……………. FOX 5’s programming schedule is complete through Fall 2012. Currently, we are not accepting any additional syndicated programming. I am also forwarding your email to FOX Broadcasting.

So don’t give up hope. One station’s schedule is complete through 2012 but we can still make ourselves heard.

ABC Studios and Disney, have you heard the rumble yet?


  1. Email forwarding to Fox Broadcasting is good. That was entirely the goal with adding the smaller Fox stations to the JBC — getting each Fox Station to let Fox Broadcasting know that they’re all swamped with requests to pick up Legend of the Seeker. 😉

  2. Good news! Keep goin’

  3. Amuunt The Fox.

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