ABC Studios’ Chandler Hayes asks fans to take take him off the email list

May 24, 2010

Chandler Hayes is one of the possible contacts I suggested for the email campaign. He has now asked that Seeker fans stop emailing him because he is not the decision-maker and is not in a position to pass on the emails.

Please don’t assume he is being rude. Let me share an anecdote with you that should (I think) help people understand why Chandler’s request is reasonable.

Years ago I ran one of the top Xena: Warrior Princess sites, a Web directory called Xena Online Resources. We also had several other Xena-related Websites.

Many people sent us email hoping to contact someone from the show. We did our best to let fans know we had no way to contact the stars. To be honest, some of the emails we received were very heart-wrenching. I finally asked Steven Sears, who was Co-Executive Producer for the show, if there was anything I could do to help get the emails to the right place.

He said that even though he was a producer on the show, the emails he received for the stars could not be passed on. He had to delete far more emails than we did.

So I suggested Chandler Hayes as someone who MIGHT be able to report our interest to the right people. At the very least, he knows we’re out here. But we’ve made our point as much as we can.

So it’s time to stop emailing him.




  1. Mike

    With all due respect, I disagree with you. Chandler Hayes needs to be continuously contact, not about messages to players, but rather about either renewing or selling the show. We should not let him off the hook. That’s the easy way out for him. The easy way out will only get the show permanently canceled.

    Once again, I say this with deepest regards for your opinion, but I would urge the troops to take the opposite approach….as long as its focused on getting the show back in production.

    Jim Heckman

    • Mr. Hayes has no voice at ABC. If you’re going to contact ABC, make sure it’s someone who can actually do something to help. Here’s a list of people with decision making abilities at ABC:


      Please focus on people with ability rather than publicity representatives. 😉

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