Seeker fans Tweeting for Terry Goodkind today, May 21

May 21, 2010

LOTS.org forum user liric posted today’s Twitter Trending update here. Please keep in mind that you should refer to the forum discussions for the latest updates. Also, we’ll appreciate the occasional Tweet mentioning savetheseeker.wordpress.com as well.

Here is liric’s post:
Friday, May 21, Tweeting: #TerryGoodkind

What: #TerryGoodkind

When: 8PM-10PM (each time zone whenever THEY have 8PM-10PM. If other time zones want to help, use http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html or any other time converter).


– Check KenLiska suggestions as listed here, here and here.

– Use “@” at those who can help: Local TV stations, Disney/ABC, etc., but don’t overdue it. Since they’re going to be a lot of tweets, you can use one @ per tweet, and have more space to actually say something meaningful.

– Add the time, date and station of when and where LotS is air in your country. If people will check in, we want them to find this information easily, and not to look for it.

– Using #TerryGoodkind, mention the books, link to Mr. Goodkind website, and bring awareness to his support of the campaign. Something like:

“Have you read #TerryGoodkind Sword of Truth? Watch the TV series based on the books, Legend of the Seeker http://dadt.com/lots/”

“#TerryGoodkind, author of Sword of Truth, supports Legend of the Seeker fan campaign! http://www.terrygoodkind.com/news.html”

“New book from New York Time bestselling author #TerryGoodkind due in early 2011! Info here: http://www.terrygoodkind.com/news.html”

– Try linking to saveourseeker.com and/or http://dadt.com/lots/

– Ask people if they saw our ads on Variety and/or THR. Link to them anyway.

– Ask people to join the fight. Maybe there are others out there that are tired from having shows being cancelled left and right, and would love to join the fight.

– If you can, use @CBS, @CBS_TV, @CBS_Television, @ABCFamily — on one of your tweets — as part of the Contact TV Stations efforts. http://forums.legendoftheseeker.org/showthread.php/2808-ATTN-Plan-to-Contact-TV-Stations-Organized

IMPORTANT: Remember, the purpose is not to get Legend of the Seeker to trend. It’s to get it renewed.

Don’t be discourage if we don’t get into the Trend Topics! That is NOT the target. We use Twitter to speard the word about Legend of the Seeker. We need well-thought out, informative tweets. We need to get people to click on the tweets and when they do, to make sure that they find useful data.

Remember: Friday, May 21, 8PM-10PM – #TerryGoodkind

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