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May 20, 2010

Seeker fan richardiscool asked LOTS.org forum fans yesterday to begin contacting FOX Network, as fans contacting affiliates have reported encouraging responses. You can see richardiscool’s proposal here.

I’ve been waiting on reporting this because forum admin johnnyringo posted this yesterday:

Here’s one I posted earlier…

I have a contact in the US who works for FOX ( she’s also a forum member ), she just contacted me with this information – nothing really new but still quite interesting, more to follow…

I asked our programming guy about what he thought about the events around the cancellation and Disney’s lack of comment..etc. He knew that Tribune cancelled it and felt that it was pretty much over. However, he was having lunch with the Disney Rep tomorrow and would ask her about the status for me tomorrow. The one thing that I found interesting is that he said that Disney didn’t approach the Fox Stations about picking it up.

I’ll let you know if I hear what the Disney Rep said.

And now johnnyringo just posted this followup:

I’ve just heard from my FOX contact about the lunch meeting with the Disney Rep – sorry, don’t shoot the messenger, this is just what I’ve been told…

So the word is that LoTS is completely gone. But that ‘save our seeker’ is bombarding everyone. But it won’t have an effect.

I guess the next hope is that Rami’s tweet that they would make them into movies is the next best hope.
Just keep on what you’re doing, the campaign message is being heard – I’d just think twice about donating any more money.

Yes it’s not official but it comes from a reliable source – although the news from the Disney Rep may be 3rd or 4th hand.

And what they’re referring to is a Tweet by Ted Raimi earlier today:

Parker Stevens (the King) and I will raise a glass to Legend of the Seeker this week In LA. Hopefully not a Post-mortem one…

So, there is a lot of chatter about the death of the show but many hopeful signals, too. As other fans have noted, Stargate SG-1 fans were promised 3 Direct-to-DvD movies and we received 2 of them. I’m not sure of what happened with the 3rd movie but maybe the “something big” that may be happening is discussion of a Direct-to-DvD movie?

It would be nice if someone would come forward and spill any beans that are percolating in the brewer ….

ABC Studios and Disney, what are you up to?


  1. “ABC Studios and Disney, what are you up to?”

    That’s the best question ever, one that hasn’t been answered in weeks!

  2. I have a question why is it that the word is that LotS is completely gone, that our Save the Seeker campaign wont have an effect, and that divine intervention would be required to save it.(that is from another article that I read) WHY??? I don’t understand why a wonderful show is now given no chance to have another season. Is it because Disney-ABC wants too much money? There are so many other stations that could pick it up yet there are no takers, I just don’t get it. There is so much story left to tell and they Disney-ABC is just going to let it fall by the wayside. It is criminal. What must be done to save this awesome show?

    • Melissa, the problem is that the Tribune Company’s broadcasting group was THE go-to distributor for first-run, scripted shows in the syndication market. When they pulled out, the remaining part of the channel just could not produce enough revenue to make it worth ABC’s while to continue producing a television series. If we assume for the sake of discussion that a movie is being considered, they have different options for distribution that make more economic sense.

      We’ll just have to wait to find out if there is any substance to these rumors or not.

      Technically, Bridget didn’t say she would never wear the white dress again. She just said she didn’t think she would be wearing it any time soon. So even if she is only hoping in her heart as part of the mourning process that some miracle will happen, it doesn’t sound like she believes she and Kahlan are completely done with each other.

      But I’m just interpreting what she (and others) have said. Take my guesses with a grain of salt.

      • IMO I think that the Tribune should admit that it wasn’t ratings that they based their decision on. It was due to financial reasons. I would rather have LotS any way I can get it, whether that be season, mini-series, or movies.
        I realize that Bridget never said she would never wear the white dress again, she didn’t think it would be soon. I agree that it didn’t sound like she was done with the character of Kahlan yet. I am trying to be optimistic about the whole thing, but the closer it gets to Saturday’s finale my anxiety level is rising. I will take your guesses along with everyone else’s. You guys are more in the know that us. It just frustrates me to no end that the great shows end and they bring more crap on. I have never felt this way about a show before, sometimes it doesn’t pay to get involved in shows because this always seems to happen.
        Thanks for all that you are doing in keeping us informed. I think that I would definately go crazy otherwise.

  3. I agree, it makes you not want to watch ANY of their shows ever again, they suck you in and then slam the lid!! I was trying to see the silver lining in Bridget’s comments as well, I really hope they do right by the fans, and do some sort of continuation of this story and at least end it in a satisfying way for the fans! I mean; if Kahlan and Richard don’t get to be together FOR REAL, WHERE THEY BOTH REMEMBER IT AND HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW THEY CAN BE TOGETHER, and a REAL MARRIAGE in the MUD PEOPLE’S village it is a travesty and injustice to THIS WHOLE STORY AND SERIES AND TO THIS AMAZING FANDOM!! YES! I AM A BIT STRESSED!

  4. i have to say that IF they wont listen to the fans WE MAKE THEM LISTEN…. there’s more than one way to skin a cat.. i would suggest launching a campaign to BOYCOTT ANY AND ALL SHOWS THESE PEOPLE MAKE to show our severe dissapointment! i know i will not be watching anything these people make again.

  5. could someone please help me understand why it’s so hard to replace Tribune !!! is the world suddenly out of broadcasting companies, and why on gods green earth did Tribune pull out in the first place ???

  6. I heard Tribune pulled out because they are having financial troubles, i.e., Bankruptcy possibly? Even Bridget herself said that LotS was a lot more expensive to make this past season for some reason? There are networks out there that could pick it up, Syfy, USA, TNT! Hopefully they will see the value in this show and think about it!

    • The Tribune or at least parts of it did file for bankruptcy/restructuring. The Tribune used to own the Chicago Cubs and sold them to the Ricketts family. I guess every show gets more expensive each season, technological improvements and just the cost of everything going up. I really thought that Syfy would get Legend of the Seeker, I read that it was close but that Disney-ABC wanted too much money. I don’t know if that is true or not. I just can’t believe that no one wants this wonderful show, I suppose it would almost have to be financial reasons, and Craig in his interview brought up the illegal downloads and all that. I am sure that hurt the show terribly. I purchased season 2 through iTunes. I am hoping that some station will come to their senses and pick it up. I wonder why it is so hard for a show to go from syndication to a network, I didn’t realize that it would be such a big deal?? I just want more of Legend of the Seeker. I am looking forward to the finale but I am so sad too. I am hoping that we will wake up from this nightmare soon and Legend of the Seeker will continue of its quest during Season 3.

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