Dayna Porter Chiplin received official confirmation of cancellation

May 20, 2010

Dayna Porter Chiplin received official confirmation of cancellation by email, according to one of her Tweets, around Monday (May 17). Dayna, as many of you know, has been Bridget’s stunt woman for the full two seasons.

Don’t worry about Dayna. She is moving on, setting up a stunt school in New Zealand, and should have plenty more work to do in the future.

Dayna is still looking for that 1000th follower, by the way. If you want some insight into film-making in the New Zealand industry, she’s very open and fan-oriented.



  1. I read that tweet hours ago, but reading it here kind of makes it hurt more… :/

    • Me too. My heart is bleeding…
      I can’t believe it’s over, but the Fight will go on, right?

  2. Nothing has changed. LOTS was already canceled, Disney-ABC was just ignoring us. So, I see us at the same battle position as before.

    We really have to stop hanging on every word and sentence that we hear positively or negatively. Just keep up the battle.

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