TV By The Numbers Says Seeker Ratings Still Down

May 19, 2010

In a post titled Still No Official Word From ABC on “Legend of the Seeker;” Finale Being Billed as “Season” Rather than “Series”, Robert Seidman writes:

There’s still no official word from ABC Studios or ABC Domestic Television (which handles the syndication ) and I wouldn’t read any good news into that or that ABC Studios is billing the second season finale of Legend of the Seeker only as the season finale (see release below).
Sadly for the fans I’d rate the show’s renewal prospects as grimmer than grim.

Okay, so before you head over to The Torch Online and torch Brent Hartinger again, keep in mind that all Seidman is telling us is that ABC has not issued any press releases disclosing further plans with the show.

That doesn’t mean we’re getting conflicting information. It only means that Seidman and Hartinger have said what they have said.

Of course, ABC doesn’t seem to have a problem issuing press releases about each episode — what’s up with that, ABC Studios and Disney?

Too many cogs in the wheels again?


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  1. Ratings for the finale may be down next week too. In the WashDC/Baltimore market it overlaps the end of the Lost Finale…

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