Seeker fans showing their support in SyFy forums poll

May 19, 2010

If you are a member of the SyFy Forums, you should vote in this Legend of the Seeker poll to show people we’re still here.

Spread the word. Ask all your Seeker friends to let the SyFy community know there is a fandom out here for this great show.



  1. legend of the seeker if Syfy picks it up they better let the original cast stay on & the writers as well as keeping Bridget Regan as the mother confessor & Criag Horner as Richard Cypher the seeker as well as keeping Bruce spence as the wizard Zedd & Tabrett Bethell as Cara in the show & Syfy if it picks it up better not mess with it I don’t mean any disrespect to Syfy I am only saying something that I also saw someone else say on the net but I just don’t want anybody messing with the show their cast & writers & producers to me are perfect with the show it probably has a flaw like any other show but to me this one has the best flawless show I have ever seen before.I just want legend of the seeker to get picked up for its 3rd season which it deserves more than most shows on TV if we help it get its 3rd season I am sure it could go even further than 3 seasons like Smallville was suppose to be canceled many times but still made it to 10 seasons & I love legend of the seeker more than the TV show Smallville so pick up legend of the seeker to get to its 3rd season & probably even more seasons.

  2. I will be grateful if SyFy take the show. I still don’t under stand how a good show can be cancel like that but other show like reality shows like reality shows still in the TV years and non of those are constructive in any ways. People have to star thinking about what is really good an what is bad. This is a good show like others shows and are not a really good shows out in the TV. I’m a latina that love the show. We see the show in PR.

  3. i feel the same way how could they cancel such a great show, its like the new big show to me 😦 .

    • It seems like a lot of genre shows are meeting the same fate this season. I’m not sure, but we may be about to enter another long dry season until the next flowering of science fiction television.

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