Seeker Charity Donation and International Fan Video Deadlines Update

May 19, 2010

Have you made your donation to the UN Trust Fund To End Violence Against Women? LOTS.org forum member Oneiroelpida has asked fans to remember that tomorrow (Wednesday, May 19) is the final day for making fan campaign donations where you send a courtesy eCard to 1 or 2 executives associated with Legend of the Seeker.

We covered this project last week in our article Seeker Fans Making Charitable Donations On Behalf of Show.

Read Oneiroelpida’s reminder here for updates on the charity donation project.

NOTE: This charity donation drive is not connected with the DVD purchases for libraries that Terry Goodkind put together with Save Our Seeker. Last I saw, that drive had already raised over $5000 toward its $10,000 goal.

Also, organizers of the International Fan Video Project have announced an extension of the submission deadline to Sunday, May 23. Read the post in the forum for more information or visit this thread for updates.

The project has been overwhelmed with responses and submissions and they want to put together a great video that will stand as a tribute not only to the show, its cast and crew, but also to the fans who have worked so hard to prove that it deserves additional seasons.

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