Tips for fans helping with the Seeker trending on Twitter

May 18, 2010

LOTS.org forum user liric asked us to share these tips here on the blog. If you’re participating in the Twitter Trending events, please take note of this discussion at the LOTS.org Forum.

  • Use “@” at those who can help: Local TV stations, Disney/ABC, etc., but don’t overdue it. Since they’re going to be a lot of tweets, you can use one @ per tweet, and have more space to actually say something meaningful.
  • Add the time, date and station of when and where LotS is air in your country. If people will check in, we want them to find this information easily, and not to look for it.
  • Using the names, you can add where people know them from. Something like; “Remember #BruceSpence on Mad Max? Check him in LegendoftheSeeker on @syfyUK [timeslot] and saveourseeker.com.”
  • Using #TerryGoodkind, link to his website.
  • Try linking to saveourseeker.com and/or http://dadt.com/lots/
  • Ask people if they saw our ads on Variety and/or THR. Link to them anyway.
  • Ask people to join the fight. Maybe there are others out there that are tired from having shows being cancelled left and right, and would love to join the fight.
  • Rememebr to ReTweet.

The campaign this week is:

LOTS.org forum user KenLiska has this to say about the new Twitter Trending algorithm:

I posted this over on the Triple Trending Event page but thought it might be useful to re-post here. It was a response to a conversation about Twitter’s new filtering rules and spam policy with regards to trending. The “examples” I refer to were from the #TabrettBethell trend sampling I posted over in that forum.

Something else of note from that example is there are no “Retweets”. Retweeting is perfectly acceptable is something is good. In fact the new Twitter interface for searching weights tweets by how much they’ve been Retweeted. A search for “@BridgetRegan” a few minutes ago had WrittenByMikeS’s latest tweet that mentioned Bridget in it (it had been retweeted 24 times) right at the top of the search results.

From reading through the Twitter policy it seems that they are flagging accounts as “spam”. If your account is flagged as a spammer your tweets will show up for you and anybody following you but nobody else, and they will not count towards trending. The only way to resolve this is to not be flagged for spam by their algorithm for a period of time.

An easy way to test if your flagged for spam is to sent a tweet out to a hash tag that isn’t very busy then do a search on it to see if your tweet comes up. If it doesn’t you’re flagged and nothing you tweet will be considered for trending. You’ll want to make a new account for that and make sure you don’t send “spam” tweets. See the Twitter policy ( http://help.twitter.com/forums/26257/entries/18311 ) for all the rules.

I highly recommend you get familiar with a link shortening site, I prefer http://bit.ly myself. There is a toolbar add-on for it that makes generating links and tweets very simple (I use it in both Internet Explorer & Google Chrome). Instructions for setting up and using the Bit.ly bar on the main page.

I try to leave 13 open characters on my tweets so that they can be easily retweeted without losing any content (“RT @KenLiska ” takes up 13 characters). If somebody does a retweet the default behavior is to add the “RT @NAME” to the beginning and truncate the tweet down to 140 characters. I often see web links get chopped and unusable when this happens. To avoid this don’t end your tweets with a link or make sure there is enough space for the RT tag.

Sample Tweets

SOS & @TerryGoodKind1 team up to raise awareness for #LegendoftheSeeker by donating S1 DVDs to libraries http://bit.ly/bRXjip

I recommend epic TV show #LegendoftheSeeker on Washington-Baltimore @CW @DC50theCW Sun at 11p http://bit.ly/c1tMcG

If you enjoy #LegendoftheSeeker check out the rest of the story by @TerryGoodKind1 http://www.terrygoodkind.com/bookshelf.html

Tabrett Bethel http://bit.ly/dC8DJU on #LegendoftheSeeker is perfect as Cara from @TerryGoodkind1’s #SwordofTruth books!

Best abs on TV belong to Craig Horner http://bit.ly/bnKhFH of #LegendoftheSeeker based on @TerryGoodkind1’s #SwordofTruth books

@BridgetRegan who plays Kahlan on @DisneyABC ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker will be on G4 Attack of the Show (@AotS) this Wednesday!

Help @DisneyABC find a new home for #LegendoftheSeeker. Visit http://www.saveourseeker.com to find out how!

Retweet to show support for @DisneyABC in helping keep Mother Confessor @BridgetRegan ‘s nails dirty! http://bit.ly/cARyGx

RT to rally support for @WrittenByMikeS by having @ABCDisney require him to write more episodes of #LegendoftheSeeker!

Thank you @HULU @DisneyABC for allowing me to catch up & share the latest episodes of #LegendoftheSeeker http://bit.ly/byynjM

@CNN Heard about fan campaign to save @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker ? Press Release http://saveourseeker.com/press.html

@USAToday Heard about fan campaign 2 save @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker ? Press Release http://saveourseeker.com/press.html

@NYTimes Heard about fan campaign to save @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker ? Press Release http://saveourseeker.com/press.html

@TNTWeKnowDrama please consider picking up @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker http://saveourseeker.com/press.html -Love UR fans!

@SyFy please reconsider picking up @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker http://saveourseeker.com/press.html -Love UR fans!

@ABC please consider picking up @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker http://saveourseeker.com/press.html -Love UR fans!

@NBC please consider picking up @ABCDisney ‘s #LegendoftheSeeker http://saveourseeker.com/press.html -Love UR fans!

@TerryGoodkind1 fans if you love the Sword of Truth you’ll love #LegendoftheSeeker http://saveourseeker.com/terrygoodkind.html

KenLiska goes on to offer some Tweeting Tips:

Use a single hash tag to identify the trend, I strongly recommend #LegendoftheSeeker since it’s easier to fit in to any tweet than #SaveOurSeeker and it has the most use today. If we use different tags on different tweets it splits our effort.

You can use multiple hash tags in a tweet but it is recommended to keep it under 3. Each tag you use will count towards trending (if your not flagged as a twitter-spammer) but you usually can’t get a meaningful message across with multiple tags forced in. I used multiple tags in one example above to help catch the attention of #LegendoftheSeeker and #SwordofTruth fans.

If you include @ABCDisney in the tweet it will show up on their feed and they will see it. The more they see the better (as long as they are legit).

If you are sending to a media outlet or organization use full link address. They may not trust the shortened link as it is easier to send spam/viruses through them.

If you want to direct a tweet at an organization or somebody just hop over to Google and type it into google like this example: “Washington Post Twitter” and do a search. If they have a Twitter account it will most likey be the top link, in this case “http://twitter.com/washingtonpost” or “@WashingtonPost” in a tweet.

Target your local televsion stations, networks, media outlets. But if you do make sure there is content in the tweet, I recommend the http://saveourseeker.com/press.html (the .html is required, the page will not load if it is not there) link for them.

KenLiska offers a little more information here, quoting from Twitter’s blog about the new trending algorithm.

liric came back to offer this additional advice:

Tips (those are just ideas and suggestions. feel free to use or not use them) :

– Remember that most people haven’t even heard of LotS, or we most likely wouldn’t be in this situation. What would you say to a family member or a friend you would like to introduce to the show? Tweet that.

– We don’t tweet for ourselves, hence tweets that only us can understand don’t really work. For example, “Vote for Legend of the Seeker” is for us. People who don’t even know what Legend of the Seeker is, will most likely won’t vote for it.

– Search words. Think what people are likely to type in the Search option. What would you type, if you weren’t currently looking for everything LotS? The US has the NBA Playoffs? Use the name of the teams on your tweet. The FIFA World Cup is coming up? Use that. A blockbuster is about to hit the big screen? Use it. Examples:

“Lakers vs. Suns? Try Richard vs. The Keeper! @ktla Sun. 4pm & 1am! http://dadt.com/lots/

“Germany lost Ballack?! It’s like Richard losing Kahlan! Watch #legendoftheseeker @ProSieben and saveourseeker.com”

“Robin Hood got nothing on Richard Cypher! Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzTLYCuYTFo and watch #legendoftheseeker”

Be creative. Think outside the box. Include useful information in your tweets. Remember, the purpose is not to get Legend of the Seeker to trend. It’s to get it renewed. That means getting awareness. Get more people to know about the show. To watch it. To join the fight.

Good luck.


  1. I found an updated and easier way to determine if your searches are showing up on the public timeline. Type “From:username” replacing “username” with your twitter username. If nothing returns, your filtered.

    • Thanks, Ken! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for the post, Michael!

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