Seeker fans pump up the hits with Seeker widget

May 18, 2010

What started this campaign for me was Slam 360’s request in late April that I pick up their Legend of the Seeker widget. After a few days other fan sites began copying the code from Xenite.Org. You’re still welcome to grab the code and place it on your Website, if you can embed HTML code and Flash widgets.

So how are we doing with this widget? Are people watching it? You’d better believe they are! I have received more than one message from my contact at Slam 360/Slam Internet but this latest message was so positive I decided I’ll share it with everyone.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for being our partner and posting the LOTS widget! We wanted to let you know the widget has seen tremendous growth this weekend, more than it’s ever gotten, and that your fans are consuming video and the other content at a voracious rate. The number of people enjoying the widget has been steadily increasing leading up to this weekend¹s big Season 2 Epic Finale Event, and we¹re glad that you¹re partnering with us to share the success of the LOTS widget!

We’re so happy to be able to provide your fans with content they enjoy and we hope to continue doing so for the weeks and months to come. As promised, the widget will continue to be refreshed with the latest multimedia, news and updates, so your fans will keep on enjoying new content via the LOTS widget.

We will be sure to keep you updated on fresh content as we create it! Here¹s the latest update — the new promo for this week¹s episode will be launched EOD today.

Thank you, Slam, for being a bright ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.

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  1. You´ve got to push more for the voting on The Seeker at FAXO:s Best TV Show. Right now, Seeker is number one, but Lie To Me is closing in – the gap is less then 1%. Seems like someone is using a number of computers to vote for LTM if you look at the pattern how the votes registrates. I think it´s important that LOTS-fans keep voting, even if “we” would take a good lead.

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