Seeker fans declare Monday to be ‘Craig Horner Trending Day’ on Twitter

May 17, 2010

LOTS.org forum user liric posted the following message in the forum over the weekend (after some discussion with other fans).

TODAY, Monday, May 17: #CraigHorner between 8PM-10PM (each time zone whenever THEY have 8PM-10PM. If other time zones want to help, use World Clock Converter or any other time converter).

For information, tips and more to help you with the tweet, check here: Forum post with Tweet help tips

Remember to think outside the box! We’re aiming at people who don’t know LotS. What will THEY look for? Be creative. Don’t be afraid to be a little provocative. “NBA playoffs?! I’d take Craig Horner over it any day! Serisouly, have you seen this? Craig Horner shirtless scene video on YouTube

Insert other campaigns we’re having. Today – iTunes Monday! “Missed an “Unbroken” Craig Horner? Download the #legendoftheseeker ep. from iTunes! [insert iTunes link].”

*If you can, and you tweet between 8am EST–12 Midnight EST, use @tntweknowdrama or any other TNT twitters on one of your tweets, as part of the Contact TV Stations efforts. LOTS.org forum discussion on TV stations and Networks

Don’t forget to use @, be that to TV stations, Disney/ABC, etc.

Use words that works for the series and are likely to be searched for by others: Fantasy, Raimi, Spiderman director, Drag Me To Hell director, Lord of the Rings, Australia (Horner), New Zealand.

– Add the time, date and station of when and where LotS is air in your country. If people will check in, we want them to find this information easily, and not to look for it.

Don’t be discourage if we don’t get into the Top 10! Not getting into the Top 10 is not failing. The purpose it to promote the series, even if it’s one person at the time.

Remember: Monday, May 17, 8PM-10PM – #CraigHorner

Good luck, everyone!

Spread the word!

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