Seeker Fan Video Project Information

May 17, 2010

We received the following information from the Seeker Fan Video Project Team.

Fans of Legend of the Seeker are putting together a special tribute video to Save The Seeker.

Fans of Legend of the Seeker are putting together a special tribute video to Save The Seeker.

Hey Seekerites are you excited to be a part of an International Fan Video to show the various and important reasons LOTS should be saved?! I can’t hear you! (mainly because this is a virtual forum, but still) I said, “Are you excited?!?” Well then warm up your printer, turn on your webcam, and let’s get those creative juices flowing!!! “Wait—What’s with the printer?” You ask. Well, you’re going to need to print THIS out! This page should not be changed or modified in any way. They all need to be identical to make the following illusion work.

The title of this video project is “Psst! Save Our Seeker…Pass It On!”. And the goal of the video is to visually represent the global spread of the Legend of the Seeker fan base and Save Our Seeker campaign. To do this we will virtually pass each other a Save Our Seeker logo that says, “Save Our Seeker Because…” And it is up to you, yes YOU, to finish that statement on the back of your sign. That can be with a phrase, short quote, fan art, original graphic…you name it. It can be words or pictures as long as it’s a reason LOTS should be saved. Also, when you submit your video, let us know your city/state/country of residence, so that to a viewer it looks like the SOS logo is being passed from state to state and country to country.

Print out this logo to use in the Seeker Fan Video you're about to make

Print out this logo to use in the Seeker Fan Video you're about to make

Aleyna Dennis has agreed to let us use her wonderful ‘Hey There Seeker’ song, and so the entire sequence will go something like this Sample Video (FYI: This is a very rough cut just to show the concept, and was made by someone, me, with minimal video experience. Our expert video editors will be in charge of the real thing.)

So here are the motions broken down step by step:
1) Reach to your right, as if taking the SOS logo from the fan before you. The page should already be in your hand off screen.
2) Pull the page in front of your chest, SOS logo facing the camera.
3) Flip the page to show the other side with your response, and hold it there for about 5 seconds so the response can be read.
4) Flip the page back to show the logo.
5) Pass the page to the left as if passing it to the next fan in line.

(Note: I found it helpful to sandwich a blank piece of paper between my logo page and my response page. This prevents ink bleed through, and if you glue them all together it gives extra rigidity, which makes all this silly movement stuff easier!)

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Each video segment should be 15 seconds or shorter.
  • Videos should be shot from the waist up.
  • Responses should be kept short and relatively specific. “Save Our Seeker Because …It’s awesome!” may be true, but tell the viewer why it’s awesome. At the same time “Because it’s awesome how the strands of Kahlan’s hair shine like rays from a golden sun on a warm summer day as it reaches its zenith in a cloudless sapphire sky.” may be a little too specific.
  • Responses should be kept clean. No profanity or possibly offensive content. And please be wearing a shirt in your video, but as they should all be from the waist up anyway, pants are optional.
  • The background is yours to do with what you will. So be creative! Get multiple people in there; have them dress up, act things out, have the TV on with LOTS on…
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, write your response in your native language! (But please also include an English translation in your submission e-mail.)
  • Try to incorporate location specific items, like flags or posters. Or even better, go outside! We will get a lot of inside shots because many people will be using webcams, so if you have the ability to record outside, Do It! Especially, if you live near recognizable landmarks.

And now for the information you are just dying to know!

  • Send your submissions to LOTSvideo@gmail.com with Pass It On as the subject
    • Also, if you are willing to let us use your video as an example on our YouTube channel (LOTSvideo) for other fans to see during the collection period, please let us know by adding a Yes or No to your subject line.
    • Examples: Pass It On-Yes; Pass It On-No
  • We can accept any video format.
  • Deadline for Submission is Thursday, May 20th at 9pmEST/6pmPST (That’s THIS Thursday. So don’t dilly dally!)

This may seem like a lot of information. But just take a deep breath and we’ll get through this together. We swear it’s going to be epic! But here is a checklist, just because I like checklists…I think they’re fun.

  1. Print out Logo
  2. Make Epic Response page
  3. Construct Logo + Response
  4. Plan Elaborate Background Scene that rivals actual LOTS production crew. Just kidding, but seriously…
  5. Film Video using above instructions…Have a ball doing so.
  6. Email it to Us! Be sure to…
    1. Attach the Video
    2. Fill in the Subject line: Pass It On-Yes/No
    3. Write us a short message and let us know where you are from (City/State/Country stuff)!
    4. And Send it to LOTSvideo@gmail.com !

If you have any questions, send them to LOTSvideo@gmail.com, with Video Question as the subject line.
Now let the submissions begin! And May the Force be with you…Wait…Live Long and …Dammit….

Have a Seekerific Day!—The “SOS…Pass It On!” Team


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