Save The Seeker Events Calendar – Week of May 17-21

May 17, 2010

UPDATE: LOTS.org forum admin JohnnyRingo posted a better capture here

Here is a quick calendar for events that Legend of the Seeker fans are orchestrating this week.

Image capture of the Save The Seeker Campaign Events for May 17-21

Image capture of the Save The Seeker Campaign Events for May 17-21

You can download a Word document with the calendar data here:
SOS Events – Week of May 17 thru May 21


  1. What times are the Twitter trendings going on? I’ll definitely make an effort to contribute if I could find out when it is.

    • Twitter announced a change in their trending algorithm a few days ago. Supposedly, it’s more relevant to recent Tweets and less likely to be influenced by Tweets posted over time.

      I’m not sure how the fans are organizing around this change. You should browse the Twitter Trending discussion at LOTS.org.

      I’m afraid I’ve been very busy the past few days and am falling behind on the discussions.

  2. Thank you for making this calendar!

    • Actually, I did not make the calendar. I only just now realized I forgot to credit Regina for the calendar. I’m getting so many emails a day now I’m just falling further and further behind.

  3. Great calendar! Visionhale and I have made some additions to the emailing and letter writing schedule for this week to hopefully take advantage of the CW upfronts on the 20th and the fact that LOTS has so many viewers in their target range of females 18-34. The main LJ post has been updated with the info, and you can see a summary of it here: http://forums.legendoftheseeker.org/showthread.php/2808-ATTN-Plan-to-Contact-TV-Stations-Organized?p=63561&viewfull=1#post63561 If you could post about the addition here to help spread the word, that’d be great!


  4. Thank you for all the hard work! The calendar is a great idea *nod*

  5. Just a reminder: Saturday we tweet #saveourseeker at 8AM EST and #legendoftheseeker at 12PM EST.

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