Seeker fans making charitable donations on behalf of show

May 15, 2010

LOTS.org forum user Oneiroelpida has proposed what I think is a really nice idea. She writes on her Live Journal site the following:

was thinking of causes that really fit with our particular fandom. Moonlight fans, for example, gave blood to the Red Cross as part of their campaigning (Moonlight was about a vampire detective, for those who don’t know, who only drank blood from blood banks. In the show, one character remarks ironically, “The Red Cross does not mention that in their literature.”) But for this fandom, a charity against violence towards women seems most suiting. This occurs to me because we always talk about how strong the females of the show can be, and the upcoming episode is called “Unbroken”. Whether the abuse is sexual, mental, or physical, what all women want afterwards is to feel they can be loved, have hope, and find a way to be ‘unbroken’. I know because I’m one of them.

I feel like Legend of the Seeker holds up the ideals for women to have horrific pasts and still be kind, loving,strong, and most importantly, be accepted and loved in return.

Our goal is the United Nation’s donations towards ending violence towards women. The donation site is here:
UN Donation page

In the LOTS.org forum discussion, we have proposed that when fans make the donation two people be notified. All you do is click on the link to send an eCard to someone.

If you choose to send a tribute, it lets you add a message and pick a date for it to be sent. We’re going for within ABC itself to present as a bargaining/we’re not going away chip. Pick either of these:
– Hope.C.Hartman -at- abc -dot- com ABC Vice President of Communications and Entertainment
and Chandler Hayes at – Chandler.Hayes -at- abc -dot- com

Chandler Hayes is the media contact for Legend of the Seeker.

Oneiroelpida is asking that fans make donations either today (Saturday, May 15) or Wednesday (May 19) and that you send an eCard to one or the other in order to let them know you have made the donation.

There are so many worthy causes a fandom could choose to support but this is a good choice, I think. This is a problem that is found throughout the world. We need to help women who are abused and to teach men that this is not acceptable behavior. Humanity needs to outgrow this.

Check the sites above for updates to the campaign, but we’ll post new information here whenever we can.



  1. […] are making charitable donations to The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and sending eCards to executives at ABC […]

  2. I do not want this show to end. The only show on the weekend worth seeing. I will do my part!

  3. Pls Save our seeker. I wont to see more season, cus this serial issss nice 😉

  4. This is the ONLY show I look forward to, and watch every week!

  5. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

    Pass the word… please!

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  7. legend of the seeker is the most superb show on TV & is really the only TV show I really look forward to watching because it has so many good lesson like true love,true friendship,family values,morals,romance,magic & so much more including how Richard & Kahlan care more about other people than their own selves it has so many good lessons that really apply to real life situations more than any other show on TV with good lessons for grownups & teens alike.the show legend of the seeker is so superb that it certainly deserves to make it to a 3rd season.& we help it get to a 3rd season I am sure legend of the seeker will go even further than 3 seasons alone.I also want legend of the seeker to find a way for Kahlan & Richard to be able to have sex & have children without Kahlan’s powers hurting Richard in a 3rd or 4th or even a 5th season which I am sure if legend of the seeker makes it to a 3rd season it will have even more seasons.

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