Seeker fan campaign – the week ahead

May 15, 2010

Fans of Legend of the Seeker have a pretty full week planned out for their continuing effort to find a new home for season 3 of Legend of the Seeker.

We are in the midst of a Triple Twitter Trend Weekend.

We are supporting Legend of the Seeker for BEST TV SHOW in the Faxo contest (Lie To Me fans have almost outvoted us).

We have a Mass SnailMail/Email campaign to contact networks.

We are making charitable donations to The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women and sending eCards to executives at ABC Studios.

We are posting questions for Bridget Regan on Attack of the Show’s Facebook page in preparation for her Wednesday appearance.

We are making contributions to The Seeker Wall Project.

We are making contributions to the Seeker Fan Video Project.

Canadian Seeker fans are asking SPACE to pick up Legend of the Seeker.

We are asking Talk Shows to invite Craig Horner and Bridget Regan to be their guests.

If you thought it was time to hang up your hats and settle down for the rest of the season, think again. Please put some time and effort into letting everyone in the television industry know there is indeed a fandom for Legend of the Seeker.


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  1. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

    Pass the word… please!

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