The Seeker Wall is live – Be part of the experience

As mentioned previously, The Seeker Wall is a fan project to collect pictures of fans of the show from around the world to show the television studios and networks that we are real people who want quality genre entertainment.

Please go visit the site and learn how to upload your picture so you can be part of the experience. You can register for the Seeker Wall here.

ABC Studios and Disney, these are the people who want to watch a third season of Legend of the Seeker.

27 thoughts on “The Seeker Wall is live – Be part of the experience

  1. As a fan of the show, I find it greatly upsetting that “Legend of The Seeker” is being canceled. It is a family-friendly show that I have watched since it began. I have three boys with ADHD and my time is limited at times. It’s then that I need to watch it online I believe that you need to find a better way of gauging how many people are actually watching your show. Give The Seeker one more season. The fans deserve that much.

    1. Legend of the Seeker is a family favorite in our home. We watch it on Netflix after the new episode uploads. My husband and I, our 16 and 13 year-old, as well as our 6, 4, and 1 year-olds all sit down together and watch it.

      This show is the one tv show that our whole family enjoys together. Please reconsider a third season! We are not your typical fantasy fans! We are a family of 8 who stumbled upon the Legend of the Seeker in Season 1 while uploading shows to our Netflix player (Roku).

      We all enjoy Legend of the Seeker and the tv show encourages wholesome family discussions on courage, hope, good vs. evil, love, war and peace.

      1. I am so upset that they are going to end the legend of the seeker. I didn’t miss one episode. I watched them again on hulu. I just loved the series. It sucks now since there isn’t anything like it on TV.

  2. This is so great! Love this idea!

    But I can’t register for the Wall if I wanna upload my photo, there comes a error message on every page. Can somebody help me? If I am the only one who have this problem?

    Thanks for the help!

    A german Seekerfriend

    1. I was able to register before. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ll drop them a line and let them know about your comment here.

      UPDATE: You can also send submissions to seekerwall -at- if that helps.

  3. Hello there Christina,

    We’ve been getting MASSIVE amounts of traffic to the site and I’m afraid we’re getting some login issues. Please send your submission to seekerwall AT gmail DOT com like Michael just said, and we’ll post it up for you. Thank you for your patience!

    — Pam from the Seeker Wall

  4. I LOVE to watch the Legend of the seeker! It is a great show my brother and I watch it and I look forward every Sunday to watch it. Please do not cancel it. I even read the books.


  5. The show also shows on Netflix every week, My friends and I are in college and we watch it every week on there when the new episode updates. I started to watch this show because I found it on there when I had surgery so I had nothing to do for a couple of weeks so I watched the entire first season and was hooked. My friends also came over to see how I was doing and started to watch it with me and they were hooked as well. I have shown a lot of friends this TV show of all different types of people and everyone loves it. It has something for everyone. Friendship, love, courage, betrayal, redemption and ect. It’s something that we all began to look forward to every week. To watch Richard be an agent of good. To see Kahlan love so openly but learn that the world is not as black and white as she once thought. To see Cara redeem herself and become good, to fall in love with her characters struggle, and Zed’s when he always states the obvious in EVERY EPISODE!!! It’s weird these four where in our home’s every week, it will be missed!

  6. I love this series.One of the most brilliant i have ever seen.Magic,fantasy with the feel of love n hope.It is a masterpiece.Please do not allow it to close down.It will give any channel awesome profit if earned.Can’t you fools recognize brilliance??? If any channel wanna change their fate n be rich ,this is your moment.Grab it.

  7. I will be lost without this tv show!!!! I love this show as much as I loved the books and it is the only show that I watch without fail every week. Please don’t take it away from us!

  8. This show rocks my face off. It is totally awesome and I don’t normally get down with shows like this. I really don’t follow shows in general unless they are comedies and those don’t really have continuous story lines. This show is bad to the bone and should keep on keeping on. Its pretty clear that there is boat loads of money to be made by somebody so they r dumbheads not t pick it up. Plus pretty much EVERY female character on this show is hotter than the middle of the earfff!!! Thats right, earf, not earth!!! ITs more intense that way, keep the pretty ladies on the television box please!!

  9. The biggest mistake was moving it from 8 and 9 p.m. in the eastern US to 4 and 5 p.m. A show like that does not belong on at dinner time. I love it, but it is too violent and sexy for dinner time.

  10. I’m sending a letter right now, I’m going to ask my family to write letters to because they also enjoy the show. This is so sad. Once in a blue moon a good fantasy show comes along just to have it canceled on season 2? Like I’m writing on my letter, I’ve never done this before, I used to think it was kind of desperate but with a show this good, I really don’t care. Here is the address for those who are interested and I’m checking the other seeker sites where I can also send more letters.

    Disney-ABC Domestic Television
    500 S Buena Vista St
    Burbank, CA 91521

  11. I was late to actually finding out LotS was even possibly going to be canceled. Since I’ve found out I’ve joined more sites then I can count and send more emails/mails then ever before. I will continue to spread the word and send messages to anyone and everyone that can have an impact on saving our seeker. I support this and all of the efforts going on to save LotS completly.

  12. this is a good serie, I can´t understand how it can be canceled. with such a wonderful story and great actors, you should gain more than you spend on doing it.
    you have to be able to find what ppl want to watch.
    It will be a loss for everyone if this show really is canceled.

  13. How do you sign/vote/petition for this show to be saved?! I love this show! I only watch 3 shows as is unless it’s the news, Legend of the Seeker, Chopped Challenge and Heroes. For the love of Pete, stop taking my shows!! I watch Seeker online, as do at least 12 of my friends, are ya’ll making an accurate count of how many people actually watch & love this show?! Or are you just counting the ones who are watching on TV? The quality of TV shows is seriously diminishing and now all I’m going to be left with is the news – which is more & more depressing by the hourly update. Please someone tell me where the petition is or how to?

  14. Do these networks even look at hulu and netflix numbers? It seems that they totally ignore them. I only watch it via netflix because i hate commercials and like to watch it on my own time.

    1. That’s a more complex question than you may realize. Hulu pays licensing fees for all the content it shows, so SOMEONE is looking at the numbers to make sure they get paid.

      I guess the real question is whether the people involved with the decision to make or break the show pay attention to those numbers? I infer from a few obscure remarks I have seen that those numbers do reach the right eyes, but those eyes look at a lot of information concerning many different projects.

      What will get their attention is the amount of sustained passion the fan community expresses.

  15. I have never in my life been so into a TV show like this one. I love all kinds of shows. But this one really draws my attention. Personally i was blown away when i heard it was cancelled. Only a fool would let this show go to waste. I not only like the show, i’d like to take apart in it. I would love to work on the set. I will carry water. Please bring it back.

  16. I think Legend of the Seeker is an amazing show because it’s one of the few shows that can make romance, comedy, action, and violence work well together. It should air on ABC because they need a show to replace LOST. The moment I first saw Seeker I was immediatly drawn in. It is truly fascinating, has a lot of freakishly devoted fans (myself included), and it deserves many more seasons.

  17. Here’s an idea. This is a good show you have got and its production has stopped. The thing about it is that it had little to no promotion. I stumbled upon it by accident halfway through season two and I was stunned. It even got me to start reading the books. So re-run it from the beggining with more promotion. This will gather up even more of a fan base and if there is enouh momentum we could get a season three. It’s just an idea to spark things here; take what you want from it.

  18. You you should change the blog subject title The Seeker Wall is live – Be part of the experience Save The Seeker – News about the Seeker Fan Campaign to something more suited for your webpage you make. I loved the blog post still.

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