Spanish SciFi Website ‘Espada y Brujería’ will feature Save The Seeker campaign in June edition

May 14, 2010

The Seeker Flag just notified me that she had contacted Espada y Brujería (“Sword and Sorcery”) about the fan campaign to promote a third season for Legend of the Seeker. They are going to publish an article about the campaign in their June issue, which should see about 35,000 downloads.

Although the site is in Spanish you may enjoy browsing the images and artwork they publish. Also, you could use one of the online translation services at Bing, Yahoo!, or Google to read the articles. Sometimes translated articles make sense.

Anyway, congratulations Ana (The Seeker Flag), thank you Espada y Brujería, and go, go, go Legend of the Seeker fans!

ABC Studios and Disney, are you SURE you want to give up on this popular franchise so soon?


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