Seeker fans designate Monday, May 17 ‘TNT Emailing Day’

May 14, 2010

Seeker fans Morgen and visionhale are asking the Seeker fan community to concentrate all available firepower on that star destroyer … sorry, to collectively contact potential distributors for Legend of the Seeker one at a time, starting with TNT on Monday, May 17.

Here is how visionhale puts it:


Snail mail:
1010 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta GA 30318

As I said in my previous post, snail mail is extremely important, if you write an email please also write a letter. You can say the exact same thing in both email and letter if you wish. Your message can be however brief you want. Your writing skills do not matter, the letter is just as effective no matter how it looks or sounds. The important thing is to be passionate. One more important thing to do is to link to the Varierty and THR adverts when sending an email and to print the two out and send it with your letter when sending snail mail, you should also give them the dates when the ads were printed (May 7th Variety, May 14th THR).

For this to work, you not only will have to send both a letter and an email, but you’ll have to spread the link to this post everywhere and get everyone else to do the same. Make sure until the next campaign is started that this post is seen by as many fans as possible.

Morgen quotes LOTS.org user Jace as saying:

“Tactical/planned orginization is your greatest weapon here. To date they have been getting random messages here and there every couple of days. They can ignore that with ease. Now you focus everyone’s collective voice/messages for a day or two onto one source at a time and make them hear you. Overwhelm their email servers if you have to. If you still get no response move onto the next target. You can always circle back round at a later date and hit them again.”

Morgen goes on to say:

I know people haven’t had any a lot of luck hearing back from stations so far, but we’ve been contacting them from all over the place with a bunch of scattered pleas. The idea here is to use one voice. We want to ask them to either contact ABC-Disney directly, or to give us their pledge of willingness by emailing fandom at saveourseekerpledge@gmail.com, so that we can get it ready to pass on to TPTB. If we all direct them to the same email account, we will look totes more united than D’Hara is right now. And, you know, hopefully the address will get in their heads enough that they’ll actually consider hitting reply.

All right, I’m game. Let’s collectively contact TNT on Monday, May 17. But don’t let it stop there. visionhale and Morgen, you need to choose who will be contacted on Tuesday, May 18, and so on.

ABC Studios and Disney, hang on to your hats. This roller coaster ride is about to hit a new loop-de-loop.


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  1. I just finished watching the last episode of the season. I have never felt such a FLOOD of conflicting emotions from a TV show in my life! The acting was so believable I felt like I was right there with them all fighting for more than survival. The ending was SO BEAUTIFUL I couldn’t hold back my tears! Without giving the ending away to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet; I think I cried a”Stone of Tears” myself! We MUST have another season! This show is too precious to let go of! Well done! Very well done!!

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