No more petitions here

So a third Legend of the Seeker petition has surfaced. I’m not going to link to it as I have the first two. Although this third petition was started before last night’s discussion, people have now pointed out that anyone who starts a petition will be paid 2 cents for each signature.

The money comes from advertising and there is no harm to you if you sign a petition. But now that the financial reward for petition starters has become a focus of concern for some fans, I’ve decided I’d rather not help people make money off fandom’s concerns.

So far over 18,000 signatures have been collected for the first petition. Hopefully they’re all unique. That’s pretty good but not necessarily great, and it is not enough to ensure there is a third season for Legend of the Seeker.

If you want to start a petition, do so. If you want to sign a petition, do so. If you want to promote a petition, do so. I’m not asking people to dispense with the petitions. I just don’t want to become a free advertising service for a commercial site that isn’t really concerned with supporting Legend of the Seeker.

2 thoughts on “No more petitions here

  1. totes agree w/ that. + I’m not sure to start too many petitions is useful. Anyway 😉 When are we going to reach the 50000 signatures?!! Come on 😦 Thanks for all the work on this blog ( I know it takes time!! ),this is really helpful!Let’s save our seeker…

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