Legend of the Seeker Fan Campaign Recap

May 14, 2010

Some of you are aware that a controversial update to the Torch Online’s announcement of the cancellation of Legend of the Seeker sparked a frenzied exchange of alarmed and angry posts on the LegendoftheSeeker.org forums. I’m not going to recap all that. Allegations have been made, explanations have been offered, and no one is satisfied.

So where that leave us?

Let’s just shoot the elephant in the living room for now: Until we hear otherwise, we’re going to assume that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled and there are no current plans for a third season.

So what? How many of us have pledged to fight on if it came to that? Were those just empty words? Having been through these kinds of campaigns before, I can tell you I know from personal experience they fail more often than succeed. It’s the occasional successes that inspired the fans to make the effort.

So a lot of money has been raised and spent. The advertising campaign is not a complete waste. At least the ads were tastefully designed to thank the producers, cast, and crew of the show for their hard work over 2 seasons. That doesn’t seem like a waste to me.

We have been encouraged to make an effort for another two weeks. Maybe that effort will convince someone to do something; maybe no one is discussing anything and nothing will happen. But we’ll at least make sure the show goes out with a bang, won’t we?

If there is no broadcast third season, I can almost guarantee you fans are already making plans for a virtual third season (unless Terry Goodkind tries to put a stop to fan fiction). Fan fiction is not for everyone. In fact, a lot of fan fiction leaves the family-friendly category very quickly. But fandoms are still writing fan fiction for Star Trek (the original series), Buffy, Dark Angel, Middle-earth … just about everything out there.

You have been part of something incredible, something that inspires me with passion every time I get swept up in the excitement: you’re part of science fiction and fantasy fandom. We are all about passion, all about creativity, all about self-expression. Long-time SF fans call everyone else Mundanes because they lead what we consider to be boring, mundane lives filled with poor imagination and little creativity.

The Tribune Company wants to replace genre TV with Jerry Springer’s form of entertainment. That may deny us first-run distribution in major TV markets for a few years but eventually someone will try again and we’ll be there to support them — provided they create a good show. Tribune was always too Mundane in its outlook to be a good partner in this process.


We still have Twitter Trending events to attend to.

We still have the Seeker Wall to build.

We still have two collective fan videos to make.

We still have letters to send, emails to send, and things to say.

We’re not done. You can walk away now, filled with dejection, or you can stay until the show is over, the lights are turned on, and the roadies come out to break down the stage. I’ve done that many times. It may not be your cup of tea but I’m not ready to head out for the parking lot just yet.

So I’m inviting everyone to stay and watch the credits. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see something special at the end.

And the people at ABC Studios and Disney SO owe me about a dozen interviews when this is all over….



  1. *claps*

    Thanks for putting it this way. It was the first fan campaign for a lot of people (me included) and I don’t think many of us knew what to think. I’m proud that I contributed to the ads that will thank the cast and crew, not every TV show gets that.

  2. So true!! I mean, we are not just fighting for a third season, we are fighting for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! To show the world how we feel about this show, how fantasy can fill a void of creativity in our daily lives.

    May God forgive me, if Legend of the Seeker is cancelled after all, history will know that we fought hard as hell! In future, fans from others shows will look into our work and say “They fought to the very end, and beyond!” And will be inspired by it!

    We are Legend of the Seeker fans, damn it! We stand up when everyone sat in silence!

    So fight friends, I’m so far away and I do what I can!

    So take your shields, raise your swords and take a deep breath. Because does NOT have a warrior.

    Hopes has us, an ARMY for warriors!

  3. I’m from Poland. I truly regret that I can’t be there to support the real fans:/ Do not surrender guys:)

  4. “Nearly every person who develops an idea works at it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged”

    Continue the fight! 🙂

    • I like that quote! The Save the Seeker campaign is at that point where people are ready to give up but I hope they don’t!

  5. Even if we don’t get a third season we’ll still be talking about the two seasons we have as well as the books on our podcast for the foreseeable future.

    I also work on a Firefly podcast that’s been going on for almost five years. The fans can keep anything alive. 🙂

  6. Yes where are the news? Why they still did not say anything? I am just pissed off. I bought Season 1 DVD, some episodes from internet, sent lots of e-mails, donated for Variety advert, whatever I could do, I did.

    Ofcourse this cannot be succeded with 1 person. I know all the fans did something like that. However they have to give us real news whether Legend of the Seeker cancelled or renewed.

    I am still looking forward to see this.

  7. Hey Michael, I think you wrote a great post that really brings together all of the positives of the campaign. At this point, I think some people are tired and ready to give up but this post gives them some reason, some hope. Thanks for keeping up with this blog. It has been a fantastic source of information!

    • Thank you, symbie. I hope you hang in there with me, too. Your contributions have been invaluable.

  8. I dont even think the tv networks are reading this, but I will post to put my support in. I have been so mad lately about how there is not any good shows to watch on tv. MY GOD! please cancel American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, because that’s all I see and I just turn the tv off! I pay to have shows I dont like on the air while the shows I do like dont stand a chance because they are not given a fair air time to get people watching them. People watch AI and DWTS because we are forced to. It’s the only thing on when we get off work. Not fair. PLEASE put Legend of the Seeker back. The characters are amazing! NO MORE REALITY SHOWS! It is the end of reality shows.

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