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May 14, 2010

LOTS.org forum user lyric asked me to help get the word out about this organizational thread for the Twitter Trending events. So here you go. The discussion is here. Here is an excerpt from lyric’s first message. Follow the thread at LOTS.org for full updates.

Schedules (starting May 17):

Monday (May 17): #CraigHorner
Tuesday (May 18): #BruceSpence
Wednesday (May 19): #TabrettBethell
Thursday (May 20): #CraigParker
Friday (May 21) : #TerryGoodkind

Staruday stays #saveourseeker at 8AM EST and #legendoftheseeker at 12PM EST.

* #BridgetRegan has already got to the Top 10.

Events time:

As it has proved to be hard to set an international time for everyone to tweet in during the week (weekend seems to work just fine), how about each time zone will tweet on its own time? Everyone will tweet between 8PM-10PM, whenever THEY have 8PM-10PM.

If there is a certain time that works for everyone, we can ADD it to the 8PM-10PM tweeting (not instead!), but can we currently agree to use 8PM-10PM, each when he/she has 8PM-10PM in their time zone?


– Use “@” at those who can help: Local TV stations, Disney/ABC, etc., but don’t overdue it. Since they’re going to be a lot of tweets, you can use one @ per tweet, and have more space to actually say something meaningful.

– Add the time, date and station of when and where LotS is air in your country. If people will check in, we want them to find this information easily, and not to look for it.

– Using the names, you can add where people know them from. Something like; “Remember #BruceSpence on Mad Max? Check him in LegendoftheSeeker on @syfyUK [timeslot] and saveourseeker.com.”

– Using #TerryGoodkind, link to his website.

– Try linking to saveourseeker.com and/or http://dadt.com/lots/

– Ask people if they saw our ads on Variety and/or THR. Link to them anyway.

– Ask people to join the fight. Maybe there are others out there that are tired from having shows being cancelled left and right, and would love to join the fight.

– Rememebr to ReTweet.

Use this thread to share information that can be used on Twitter. Local TV stations from around the world that have Twitter, timeslots, etc.

So again, if that works for everyone – Weekdays Twetting Events, 8PM-10PM (each time zone when IT has 8PM-10PM):

Monday (May 17): #CraigHorner
Tuesday (May 18): #BruceSpence
Wednesday (May 19): #TabrettBethell
Thursday (May 20): #CraigParker
Friday (May 21) : #TerryGoodkind

Saturday stays #saveourseeker at 8AM EST and #legendoftheseeker at 12PM EST.



  1. Thank you, Michael 🙂

  2. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

    Pass the word… please!

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