Update on the Seeker Fan Video Projects

May 13, 2010

LOTS.org forum user Monstre just posted this announcement confirming the coordination between the duo video teams:

To be clear, the reason we have not moved forward with any sort of official call for submissions from anybody is because we were waiting on hearing back from the other video project team. As we have heard back from them and have agreed to do two separate videos but package them together as a full body of work from the campaign as a whole, a collaboration of collaborations of sorts, we will be moving forward aggressively very soon and will be getting everything out to the fans so they can get to work.

Have no fear, our instructions will be very specific, will include examples and deadlines, and we will provide support so as many people as possible can participate.

The Save Our Seeker project is moving forward. Tomorrow we’ll see the ad in the Hollywood Reporter and hopefully next week we’ll see more movement on the advertising front.

ABC Studios and Disney, do you hear us?

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