Triple Trend Event set for May 14 – 16

May 13, 2010

Agent Extremis has been hard at work, negotiating alliances with other fan groups that will help increase visibility for the Save The Seeker movement. Here is an excerpt from Extremis’ post at LOTS.org:

The X-Files3 Army has been Invited to Join the Seeker WarWagon and Alli’s Allies for Twitter Trending Tries during this upcoming Weekend of May 14th – 16th/2010

As per a conversation between: Richie @Mystical_Truth , @AgentAddek , @JossaDosBichos & Myself (@AgentExtremis) a few days ago, we decided that it was time to try to combine our first love fandom with our new love fandom

“Trending” on Twitter, is a top 10 list of what people are tweeting about, so it’s FREE promotion.
(To see what is Trending, look along the right-hand side of your twitter page about half-way down. You can change the view to ‘Worldwide’/various Countries/Areas too, to see what is Trending in different places.
Previously, we’ve had #LegendOfTheSeeker, #SaveOurSeeker, #BridgetRegan, #MotherConfessorDay and #AllisonMack all trending Worldwide.

The proposition is for a ‘Twitter Trend Event’ for this coming Weekend to request that our 3 Fandoms team up together and help to try to trend:

#AllisonMack on Friday, May 14th/2010 8PM Eastern Time to 11PM Eastern Time

#LegendOfTheSeeker on Saturday, May 15th/2010
2PM Eastern Time to 5PM Eastern Time

#XFiles3 on Sunday, May 16th/2010
2PM Eastern Time to 5PM Eastern Time

(these times were suggested in the hopes that they will be more convenient for fans Worldwide in order to attend )

Time Conversion site is here:

***Please Note: Some fans teaming up for this might not have ever used Twitter/Trended before, so it would be really great if fans with knowledge of these could help others out with what we’ve learned so far )

—Please click here for some Helpful Trending Hints:

The Reasons We are Banding Together for this “Triple Trend”:
—-Philes Want an #XFiles3 Movie!!
–#LegendOfTheSeeker Fans Want a Season 3!!
–#AllisonMack Fans Want her to be in all of Season 10 of Smallville!

Please help spread the word.

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