I have deleted my Torch Online post

May 13, 2010

Having given myself a chance to review the things I wrote here and elsewhere, I have concluded that I was being way too harsh toward Brent Hartinger of the Torch Online. He doesn’t need to be crucified for reporting what he has been told by a publicist at Disney/ABC.

We have a plan. We know that decision-makers are watching us. We know they are interested in finding a way to bring about a third season.

Let’s go forward.

Thank you all for your support (and for your rebukes). I’d like to put this episode behind me. I hope everyone else can as well.


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  1. I totes agree w/ur stance! We have a plan 2 most definitely #SaveOurSeeker. Gosh @ABC pls. add the show 2 ur regular line-up! *Just a thought* TY! & Thank You Terry Goodkind Again!!!:)

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