New petition to convince ABC to pick up Seeker

May 12, 2010

Many fans have asked why ABC Domestic Television doesn’t just pick up Legend of the Seeker (especially considering they are developing a new fantasy series for 2010-2011 anyway). I won’t pretend to know why this is the situation.

Stiil, someone has started a petition to ask ABC TV to pick up the Seeker (which is owned/produced by ABC Studios).

So let’s not fuss over how likely or unlikely this might be. It hurts nothing for you to sign the petition and, who knows? It might help in some way.

I found the petition through a Seeker article on Evelyn F. Altheimer-Fain’s Website. She apparently picked up the story of the fan campaign to renew the show from UGO. It looks like the lovely lady started this petition. Let’s help her out.

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening? Our numbers are growing….

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