Legend of the Seeker needs to win this contest

May 12, 2010

Vote for Legend of the Seeker in Faxo's Best TV Show Contest through May 24, 2010

Vote for Legend of the Seeker in Faxo's Best TV Show Contest through May 24, 2010

If you want to show how popular and valuable Legend of the Seeker is, ask your friends to vote in Faxo’s Best TV Show contest. I’ll just quote Seeker fan Niska, who said it best in a comment here on the blog:

…in Faxo’s Best TV Show poll, Legend of the Seeker is in first place, and it has been in first place in last few weeks, but recently has been losing ground to Lie to Me. I think this poll is very important. The winner is going to the Wall of fame. I think it would be a big thing to Disney and ABC to see Legend of the Seeker as the Best TV Show poll winner. But, the way I see things going, we will end up on second place. It’s not bad, but first place would attract more people to the show, including networks and sponsors. The poll ends at the 24th of this month, I think. So I ask to ask to every one to vote in this poll. we (have) over 20 000 votes!

So what are you waiting for? Please vote in Faxo’s Best TV Show Contest now.



  1. The main thing to realize with this poll is that they let you revote every couple of minutes. So you don’t want to vote just once, you want to keep revoting throughout the day.

    • And it is for that reason I usually don’t promote popularity polls. However, this time I think it’s important to show user engagement. I have actually voted several times since I found out about the poll, although I don’t sit there and wait for the window to re-open. I would not want others to do that, either.

      Sustaining our engagement over the course of weeks is more important than sustaining it over the course of hours.

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