Calling all Seeker fans with Webcams and video

May 12, 2010

UPDATE: There are now TWO Seeker Fan Video projects. That’s cool. Read more about them here.

LOTS.org user Monstre suggested the fans create a collective fan video to show our support for Legend of the Seeker. It seems to me enough people have now agreed to the project that it will happen.

This video is an example of what Monstre has in mind:

And here is another example that shows groups of people around the world singing “All You Need Is Love” to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

To join in the Seeker Fan Video Project, send an email to LOTSvideo -at- gmail -dot- com and let the team know what you can in way of recording a video.

LOTS.org user The Old One has offered to edit the video.

Aleyna Rose (“Hey there Seeker”) has agreed to do music for the video.

So what are you waiting for? Send Monstre and the team an email!

ABC Studios and Disney, we’re not going away. Do you hear us?



  1. Sounds like just the right personal touch! We’re real ppl who ❀ our show!! So happy 4 the creative collaborative that's been put 2gether! #SaveOurSeeker

  2. This sounds like such an amazing idea!!! I’d love to participate in any way I can.

    Save Our Seeker ❀

    • Just send an email to the address I provided and they’ll be in contact with you. I’ve already received a preliminary reply. I HOPE they’ll get enough support they fall behind. And everyone please keep in mind that if we can build up an overwhelming response to this request for video contributions, there MAY be some backlog. So please be patient if you don’t hear from the team in the first few hours. Give them a chance to get things sorted out.

  3. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

  4. Um, this idea is already going ahead. Posted on LegendofSeeker community on Livejournal. I put the post up earlier today and I thought that the word being spread on the boards was for this project? Am I confused? I just got really confused. Original post Here – http://community.livejournal.com/legendofseeker/589574.html

    • I’m trying to find out if there are two projects or one. Do you post as alinax on the LOTS.org forum?

      • Also confirmed with Aleynarose that she’s doing the music for Hannah’s video and does not know who “Monstre” is! πŸ™‚


      • I appreciate your quick response. I’ve already decided to send her an email to get clarification. It could be I’m confusing two people here.

      • No, I don’t. That’s why I’ve become so confused. I put this project up earlier this morning. I don’t actually have registration with the boards, only with livejournal. I’m just preparing the post with the deadline now and the details with what to do. I’ve got people with videos ready and my project partner has spoken to Aleyna who created the “Hey There Seeker” song and she is actually working on a piece of music for this project. She also spoke to Aleyna about the other project and Aleyna said that she wasn’t aware of who that project runner over there, was? So, I’m as baffled as you.

        If there are two projects, so be it. But the info you posted along with the inspirational “We’re all in this together” are all info for my project – submissions can be sent as .wmv or .avi format through a private message on LJ to me (speckleberry) or to seeker.video@gmail.com by May 18th 12:00am GMT-8!

        Sorry about the confusion and thank you!

      • Michael, I just replied to your e-mail, but I just wanted to add that I was contacted by “Monstre” through LJ under a different username. When asked who they were, I honestly didn’t know.

        Hopefully my e-mail clarified everything. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. Got your email. I’ll post a quick update and link to Hannah’s project and then go to bed. I hope I can do justice to both projects.

      • Both responses to this are from the same project. Me (Hannah) and Rahlsies are working together. Sorry if we confused you, both of us answering.

  5. So now I’m looking at three people. Okay, I’m going to leave all comments in place until I get more information.

    If we end up with seven video projects I guess we’ll cover them all but I want to count noses in the morning before I say anything else on the topic.

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