Aleyna Dennis (Aleyna Rose) helping with TWO Seeker Fan Videos

May 12, 2010

So Aleyna was kind enough to confirm that she has agreed to work with two Seeker Fan Video projects. Unfortunately, when people use screen names (and that’s perfectly okay) to protect their privacy, communications can become a little confusing.

Here is what Aleyna told me via email:

I am involved with both of these, yes. “Monstre” is using my Hey There Seeker song. The LJ comm post (by speckleberry) is using a new song that I’m currently working on. It will just be instrumental (unless she decides she wants me to record vocals at the last minute or something).

Speckleberry/Hannah’s video project information is located at Live Journal.

Monstre’s video project information is located at LegendoftheSeeker.org’s Save Our Seeker forum.

It seems to me the fan community can support both video projects. We don’t need to stir up any rivalries here.

So, count me in!


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  2. Thank you for clearing that up. I didn’t want to stir up any rivalries in this great fandom either, which was why I was really confused when it looked like my information but connected to a different name.

    Thank you for sorting it out. I look forward to seeing the turnout of both projects!

  3. Whether it’s 2 videos or 20, I think these video projects are a good thing. As a fandom we are after exposure and getting attention, and the more creative things we produce the more likely that is to happen. Good luck to both productions! I hope I can help with both.

  4. First, Let me say that I have been following the “Save Our Seeker” project since the beginning. From Portugal I have been emailing everybody I can (Sponsors, Disney, ABC, etc) and I have been on Facebook and Twitter. And Let me tell you you have been doing an amazing job, as for these amazing Legend of the Seeker fans.

    Now back to the subject, in Faxo’s Best TV Show poll, Legend of the Seeker is in first place, and it has been in first place in last few weeks, but recently has been losing ground to Lie to Me. I think this poll is very important. The winner is going to the Wall of fame. I think it would be a big thing to Disney and ABC to see Legend of the Seeker as the Best TV Show poll winner. But, the way I see things going, we will end up on second place. It’s not bad, but first place would attract more people to the show, including networks and sponsors. The poll ends at the 24th of this month, I think. So I ask to ask to every one to vote in this poll. we over 20 000 votes!

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