Seeker Season 3 Petition signups top 17,000

May 11, 2010

We’re about 1/3 of the way to the petition’s stated goal of getting 50,000 signatures for a 3rd season of Legend of the Seeker.

If you have already signed the petition, great. If you haven’t, please consider signing it.

And if you have not been mentioning the petition to your friends, family, and strangers, please do.

Let’s show ABC Studios and Disney that we can find 50,000 online fans to sign the Seeker Season 3 petition.



  1. i LOVE this show. probably the only reson they should even consider ending this show is it doesnt have enough commercials and not enough people know about it which is sad because it could shurly become a top tv show. this show has romance action comedy and everything you would want in a show. this is by far the best tv show out there and is a big break from all of that “vampire” stuff. i would be so sad to see this show leave and have been signing every online petition i know of. so far i have heard rumors that season 3 has NOT been cancelled but still keep up the good work.
    thank you for hosting a petition im shure every Legend Of The Seeker Fan would agree. 🙂

    • I agree with you I told loads of people to watch it that didn’t even know about it and they all loved it. 🙂

  2. this show is awsome

  3. Hi,
    I’m usually not a big fan of this type of show, but I have become addicted! The acting is phenomenal and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I think it’s good for all ages. It’s a shame it had to end so quick. I’m sure if more people knew about it, it would be one of the best t.v. shows running. Legend of the Seeker is even better than some movies with vampires/sci.fi.
    Thanks and hopefully this show will continue!

  4. Hi there fellow seeker fans ….

    I’m from Holland .. and I love this show
    ( best fantasy show after LOTR !!! ) despite of the low budget special effects it’s still the best fantasy show ever made !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so please bring back THE SEEKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Legend of the seeker is the best show ever !!

    SO BRING BACK the SEEKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  6. Hi there I’m from Holland … and I’m a huge Seeker fan.

    my world will be thorn ( by a rift ) if the seeker doesn’t returns …..

    greetz …

  7. i don’t watch this show on t.v. but that does not mean i don’t watch it, im sure there are millions of people who watch this show on the internet, where i live does not have the channel for the show on t.v. so i go to my internet the day after it views on t.v.
    please i beg abc to air this show for the world of internet and viewers like me who watch it on t.v.

  8. I personally LOVE The Legend Of The Seeker. Please dont get rid of this show because it is a very good show. One of the very few I watch. My favorite characters are Zedicus and Cara, the wizard and the mordsithe. They keep things interesting for me to keep watching, especially Cara. I even watch the reruns. All of them. There is no sane reason to get rid of this show, at all.

  9. I am an avid watcher of The Legend of The Seeker and I have come to absolutely love this show. I am not a regular fan of these types of programming but this particular show is one I have become addicted to watching. My friend got me into it and I’ve been watching ever since. We even call each other on sunday nights at 10pm to watch the last weeks episode and then the new one right after. Keep this show on the air because it is a very good one that a lot of people love to watch. We have yet to miss even one episode that has been aired. We even watch on the net.

  10. I really am sad that the show ended..I thought the main characters (Richard, Kalin, Zed, Cara, and Darken) did an incredible job bringing their characters to life. I was touched by Richard & Kalin’s love for each other. Zed was funny, yet had strength of character & purpose. I loved watching the interaction & transformation of Cara as she was affected by Richard and the others. Darken was so cool, calm, and evil..the show was magical I hope somehow it can be revived..

  11. The books are awesome and so is the show, I think some of the problem in my area is that it wasn’t on regular cable, you had to have a satellite to get the channel it was on. When I found out about the show the first season was already over so I rented the season on dvd.

  12. I want Season 3,4, 5, 6 and so on for the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! It is the BEST TV SERIES EVER!!! Much better than any other TV series I have seen! You have to give it a chance! If ABC is complaining that they only have a few millions of watchers then Tribune/ABC should check Hulu and Netflix website! LoS is watched by millions of people AROUND THE WORLD! They should negotiate with Hulu and Netflix for the movie showing. Please I need to watch it!! The most wholesome movie I have ever seen. The actors are just so great! And the Seeker always seeks the truth and tries to do everything right! Absolutely great!

    • I caught this show on tv a few times and thought it was great, then found out it was pulled from tv I was crushed. I do not watch a lot of tv but I’m addicted to this show I order both seasons, 1 st season was awesomeand I just started watching second season.I do not understand why its not on anymore.I hope somehow it will come back and come back stronger then ever.

  13. Please get the seeker back on, I swear everything that is good get’s taken off the air and we get stuck with all the crappie stuff. Please Please put it back on.

  14. please season3 legend of the seeker is very very good serie please

  15. its the best show ever
    it really deserves the 3thd season

  16. Love this show. It is the best action show on tv, Every episode has action. It is also the best sci fi/fantasy show on T.V., I do not see how syfy will put merlin on (which I also like and signed petition) but not legend of the seeker. syfy could even do crossover episodes maybe, like cbs,nbc, and abc do with their shows. I am tired of all the shows I like and love being cancelled. Shows like the unit, life, jericho, battlestar galactica, stargate sgi and atlantis, and chuck( which was saved). Does anyone know how to start a subway campaign like the one that saved Chuck on NBC. CHUCK WAS SAVED BY A SUBWAY CAMPAIGN FOR THEM TO ADVERTISE ON THE SHOW WHICH SAVED IT. THE MORE COMPANIES THAT ADVERTISE DURING THE SHOW THE BETTER THE SHOW, CAUSE THE NETWORK MAKES MORE MONEY. SO SEND EMAILS OR SOMETHING TO LET COMPANIES LIKE SYFY AND FORD KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE SHOW AND TELL THEM TO ADVERTISE DURING SEEKER AND THE COMMERCIAL WILL GET SEEN OR LIKE CHUCK GO BUY A SUBWAY SUB OR QUIZNOS AND TELL THEM YOUR BUYING IT FOR LEGEND OF SEEKER SHOW AND FILL OUT A CUSTOMER SURVEY CARD AT THE STORE.

  17. I loved these books years ago! I had no idea they had a series out til now and then I find out that they cancelled it and that is too sad! Please keep it going–loved what I have seen so far!

  18. pls help us to release the season 3 of our lovely seeker because if we dont watch the season 3 i as a person we not feel convinient pls people are in hurry to watch it, may god bless our seeker and mother confessor including the great wizard,zeddicus zul zorander and my beautiful cara

  19. where is the petition??

  20. I love the show and the books. I would be very sad to see the show go, if you need more people to watch then i suggest to advertise more.

  21. Well we must be doing something right…I can’t get to the petition’s webpage- their server is overloaded at the moment. Keep up the good fight boys and girls…with Terry Goodkind, some of the show’s writers, and the cast on board (from what I’ve heard anyway) there’s a decent chance at getting at least a season 3

  22. I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!! I bought the first season on dvd. It looks great on my new LED tv ,it’s like your there on the quest with them.PLEASE DON’T TAKE AWAY THE SEEKER !!!!!!!! I tip my hat to the cast and crew.

  23. I just watched both seasons on Netflix and I cannot believe I ever missed this show! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I am so upset there are no more seasons for me to watch!! This cannot be the last! Many shows that were horrible got more seasons that this one did. I just don’t get it, how television works is beyond me, but it seems to me that there are enough fans of Legend of the Seeker that at least one more season should be made. I thoroughly and completely enjoyed this and I want more!!

  24. Just saw and signed the petition.I hope that there will be the third season.Show is great, one of the best fantasy shows ever made.

  25. It´s almost done there is about 47 000 signs

    This is one of the best series ever made! please bring it back to life!

  26. Legend of the seeker is Awsome bring it back or maybe try to make a movie for it.

  27. the only way to save the show is to revise the up coming stories and add some more twist and turns with the characters because theres no impossible in this world that cannot told the untold story.

  28. hopely there will be season 3, because this is show is awesome, and we all want to see more

  29. Please air season 3 and more seasons of Legend Of The Seeker!
    I love that show so much and I’m DYING to see more episodes of
    it so bad I can taste it you know. I always watched every episode
    all the way to the very last one of season 2. Legend Of The Seeker
    is one of the greatest and best shows in the universe and we all
    want to see it again for reals! So please make seasons 3,4,5,6,7,
    and more please. At least 10 seasons the most, If you could make
    12 seasons or more of the show then that’d be even better but If
    not then at least make 10 seasons of Legend Of The Seeker
    because we love that show and want it back NOW!!!

  30. the Tv show the legend of the seeker to continue to a 3rd season for the legend of the seeker with Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Bruce spence,and Craig Parker.the legend of the seeker is worth to have a season 3 for the legend of the seeker plus the show is worth to have true love,true friendship,morals,magic, and so many things that are worth having real things for the legend of the seeker with a 3rd season of the legend of the seeker & is worth for another season and more with Richard Rahl & Kahlan Amnell in the show and maybe they will have kids also this show is worth more than any TV show that doesnt show such cruddy tv shows which the legend of the seeker in season 3 on show that is worth watching in comparison to desperate house wives and to and a half men which is not worth watching such a bad show for both grownups and children is not worth watching it. but the tv show the legend of the seeker of season 3 with Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Bruce Spence,Craig Parker, all of the deserve to have to get to another 3rd season for the legend of the seeker which is worth more than anything on TV for the legend of the seeker for a season 3 to continue to a new the legend of the seeker for a new 3rd season of the legend of the seeker. please everyone help us to get the legend of the seeker to continue to a 3rd season which is worth it more than any TV show of the legend of the seeker season 3 help all of us to petition to get the legend of the seeker for a season 3 to continue which is worth it more than any TV show than any TV show than any other to continue.the legend of the seeker is worth getting to continue to another season than just 2 season but to get a 3rd season for the legend of the seeker for a 3rd season which is worth it more than any TV show than any other tv show. so help us to get the legend of the seeker to get a season 3 so we can get a petiton so the legend of the seeker to get a season 3rd

  31. Hello: I don´t know we need epic stories, maybe all we need feel in our heart that good defeat evil, we need feel the hope never ending, we need feel the love still are pure, powerfull and beatifull, in this moment i´m feel so fine because im not the only one that need this.
    I say said to all of you for writing and keep searching that wonderfull feelings because that convert us in seeker´s of truth.
    Thank you all of you

  32. One of the best shows ive ever watched and to just stop it is outrageous, please bring back the seeker

  33. bring on series 3!!! totally addicted.

  34. The story is just so damn amazing, with all the mix of love, passion, truth, friendship, hope and magic, what more can u ask for. Should bring back the seeker until 10th season. Never a second of boring or common scenes, it always usurped our expectations.

  35. Legend of the seeker is the best show on tv. I looked forward to watching every Sunday and sometimes Saturday night late. I watch the reruns on netflix now. I watch at least 3-4 episodes a week. Much more than I would have if it were on tv. I want a season 3,4,5, It’s just that good. People need something to believe in. The seeker does that. He stands for all that’s good in the world. People need hope. Not like a dead police show. There are a million on those shows on. Borring!!! Lets get LOTS back on the air. Best show on TV.

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