LOTS Sponsor ad campaign delayed

May 11, 2010

This is, I think, good news. I’ll just quote LOTS_Sponsor’s message in the forum:

Originally Posted by pjlshinypenny
Any word whether Disney approved what Lots_Sponsor sent to them.

Yes, they approved them, but would only do so if we agreed to postpone our ad/product campaign. We can go forward without, but we want the official logos on the advertisements and our stickers so for the time will respect their wishes.

We were kind of shocked when they asked this, but when we inquired as to why, they said “a few things have developed.” They explained and we agreed.

I don’t know what else to say except, be patient.

No, scratch that. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing to promote the show!



  1. Yes 2 continuing what we’re doing! Let their b an announcement soon! ABC pls.pls.broker a btr deal w/ur affiliates! Season 3 on the ground running NOW! TY again Terry Goodkind. With U, we will prevail! #SaveOurSeeker!

  2. Lots_Sponsor went on to post this in another thread when asked further on his post:


    LOTS_Sponsor—– We can go ahead at anytime but won’t be able to use the official logos if we do, but we want them and all of our designs currently have them on. ABC and Disney have taken notice of everything and they are looking at going back to the tables. We were told we could go ahead or wait for something possibly even bigger. We agreed to wait and see what happens.

    • I think the company made a good choice to wait to be able to use official Legend of the Seeker logos. It really adds something extra to a campaign if there is such legitimacy. I can’t wait till they are able to move forward though!

  3. Saw this info originally posted on the LOTS.org Save Our Seeker forum. I agree, we should keep doing what we are doing because it is obvious (at least to me) that something is working. I had to shake my head today when I saw an ad for ABC’s new show “The Gates.” Ugh, more vampire soap operas. I think LOTS stands a good chance of succeeding when placed next to that sort of drivel.

    Never give up!

  4. Let keep it up!!! SAVE OUR SEEKER!!!!

  5. How reliable is this “anonymous sponsor”? There’s always a possibility that someone is pulling our leg…

    • LotS_Sponsor has been active in the LegendoftheSeeker.org forum and several of his posts about things happening behind the scenes have agreed with other information people have been revealing.

      Is it possible someone is pulling everyone’s leg? I suppose it might be but I don’t think that’s the case. The mods at LOTS.org seem to do a good job of checking on people who raise red flags.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing, especially now that some of their latest posts have seemed almost too good to be true. Then I remember how long this person has been posting and how helpful they have been in the past. It seems this person has put in too much time and effort to be pulling our leg.

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