Confessor and Seeker Season 3 Planning Area

May 11, 2010

I apologize for not noticing this before. The Confessor and Seeker Society, another great fansite, has a Legend of the Seeker Season 3 Planning Area (a sub-section of their forum devoted to fan strategies).

I know there are a lot of fans who visit several Seeker forums and that ideas are cross-pollinated across the fansites, but I’ll try to dig into the discussions there to see if those fans are proposing anything we haven’t yet reported on here.

We’re all working to save the Seeker and I’m not trying to play favorites. I just have only so much free time in the day (and if you want to join me and symbie in covering fan discussions here, please feel free to contact me through Xenite.Org’s contact form).

ABC Studios and Disney, we’re on your side. Are you listening to us?



  1. Hey Michael, I’m just wondering…without Tribune-owned local stations, and without a pickup from Syfy, what options *are* there for domestic distribution? Are we targeting Disney to lower the price and try to re-sell to syfy/tribune?

    • That’s a good question, and it’s not one I can provide any definitive answer to. Things are really complicated. For example, user LOTS_Sponsor posted the following at the LOTS.org forum (and I am just taking an excerpt from a longer post):

      When it comes Seeker’s ratings some people have said they are better than some of SyFy’s own shows? Is this correct? Yes. However, besides money negotiations being at the center another one of the “various reasons” that SyFy has chosen not to seek season 3 at this time is the fact that Legend of the Seeker can be seen in most markets in the US without access to cable or satellite tv. You may say well what does this matter. It matters a lot….

      Just say for example there is an average of 2 million viewers for seeker each week and say 30% of them don’t subscribe to cable or satellite. That is a huge potential loss of customers that SyFy would eat if they bought the rights to the show and SyFy would then be relying on that 30% to get cable or satellite. While it’s true they may make the difference up by having it on a cable network and reaching a new, broader audience they can’t discount the viewers they would lose. Now if it was 3 or 4 million viewers every week it would be different because SyFy could afford to take the 30% (again just an example) hit on viewers and hope to gain them back or get new ones.

      Also because of current economic conditions and people being on a tighter budget a lot of people are doing what they call “cutting the cord” which means dropping cable or satellite because a lot of people can get their SD and HD local channels over the air for free especially those in the bigger cities and suburbs where they can easily receive signal reception.

      SyFy wants the show, but a suitable agreement for both sides can not be reached at this time. Last I heard (and this was a couple of weeks ago) was that SyFy is taking a wait and see attitude. When existing contracts are up with the syndicated stations Legend of the Seeker will appear on SyFy in re-run form this way SyFy can judge first hand what they can expect on their network and may have more bargaining power with Disney depending on the ratings numbers. Yes, ratings may not be as high as first run episodes, but this will be taken into consideration since the episodes are not new. The only problem with this scenario is that at this point there may not be a Season 3, but a joint venture on a mini-series or made for tv movie if both parties are interested.

      There are alternative TV stations in almost every market. Who owns them and who decides what syndicated programming (if any) they pick up is as complex a set of questions as comes. And at least one station told one of our fellow fans that they have almost completely filled out their 2010-2011 schedule.

      That said, there has to be a reason why ABC has yet to publish a statement. We were told one would be forthcoming in a couple of weeks. Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and now people are speculating there may be no final decision until after ABC’s “UpFront” meetings with potential distributors next week.

      We can only just keep doing what we’re doing, figuring out more to do, and hope enough people decide to buy into the third season that it happens as scheduled — or in some way.

  2. why they fucked up the entire series boxes are gone darken rahl alive nicci has richard’s magic leave the show canceled they fucked good source material and no blood of the fold plus the pillars of creation that was the seventh book and more importantly not emperor Jegang the main villian not ass face darken rahl

  3. I want Season 3,4, 5, 6 and so on for the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! It is the BEST TV SERIES EVER!!! Much better than any other TV series I have seen! You have to give it a chance! If ABC is complaining that they only have a few millions of watchers then Tribune/ABC should check Hulu and Netflix website! LoS is watched by millions of people AROUND THE WORLD! They should negotiate with Hulu and Netflix for the movie showing. Please I need to watch it!! The most wholesome movie I have ever seen. The actors are just so great! And the Seeker always seeks the truth and tries to do everything right! Absolutely great!

  4. i hope you people will put on the legend of the seeker on your channel because i think abc was stupid to stop the show i hope you guys wouldn’t be too.

  5. I really hope there will be a season 3. Where is the place to vote?

  6. This people gave us the taste of the banquete then after closing the ceremony down.abc please renew seeker for a third season

  7. I heard that there will be a new season of legend of the seeker starting on november 7,2011. Is this true and what station will it be on. I can’t seem to find out.

    • Kathy, I have not heard that the show is coming back. The fans continue to write letters and look for a new network to pick it up but so far nothing has changed.

      • If you go to the legend of the seeker web site it says new season starting on november 7,. That is were I got it from.

      • This is the official Website here:


        They are only selling the Season 1 and 2 DvDs. The only November 7 date I can find any trace of is from 2009, when the second season premiered on that night.

        Believe me — I REALLY wish they were bringing the show back but for now that’s not happening.

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