Seeker fans asking Ellen to host Bridget Regan

May 10, 2010

So, as I understand it, fans are organizing a campaign to Ellen to invite Bridget Regan to make a guest appearance on her show.

While this is a good idea, I think it’s a little limited. There are MANY talk shows. Why not ask them all to invite Bridget?

And why not ask Saturday Night Live to invite her to be a guest host?

ABC Studios and Disney, let’s get a move on with announcing a third season of Legend of the Seeker, okay?


  1. […] Contact American Talk Show hosts and ask them to invite Bridget Regan to be their guests (and ask Saturday Night Live, too). […]

  2. I think we should focus on Ellen. We can ask other shows, but if everyone asks a different show, our numbers won’t make an impact. We’re relying on the power of the fans’ sheer mass to persuade Ellen, and without that, our efforts will be less powerful. I figured that Ellen would be a good interview-er because she is very well watched in the United States, and she has been known to cast an eye at the internet from time to time, such as on Twitter. I’m glad to hear that the word has spread about my idea. 🙂

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