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May 10, 2010

The OfficialTG account at LOTS.org posted the message below in the forum. You can follow Terry Goodkind on Twitter and visit his Terry Goodkind Website. Everything that follows is from OfficialTG:

We’ve been reading through many of the threads about ideas for getting noticed. Also still looking for sound suggestions from all o you as to how we might be able to help as well. With that said, we have a few ideas that might add even more firepower to the campaign. Remember, these are just ideas and perhaps no better or worse than your own. Take them as you will. …But we did get a few insiders to peek at them and provide input, including an agency that has/does work on the show and for the network elsewhere. They gave a solid thumbs up.

Also remember, your campaign is getting noticed. We found out via the Variety.com article, only to realize later our numerous inboxes had been well stocked with notices from many of you.

– Instead of purchasing perishables, print and individually mail the page ads currently being placed in magazines. Send them on oversized stock, folded cards, book formats, iPhoto prints, etc etc. As many wildly varied and unique ways as possible.

– Group buy character cutouts from the show and mail those too. Or snap photos of yourself and tag the photo “LEGEND OF THE SEEKER FAN” and mail that to show the networks the faces of the people they’d disappoint if they cancelled your show. Remember, as you guys feel you’re sometimes in a bubble, the same is true on this side as well.

– Disregard any rumor that my license fee is a roadblock. Total nonsense. Not sure where that rumor got started but the fee, if you knew them, are shockingly low. Not complaining, only clarifying. No sense discussing the fine points and wouldn’t be allowed by agreement anyhow, but suffice it to say, the creator and consultant fee has got nothing to do with the show getting scrutiny.

– Keep spreading the word via your social network channels. A few people earlier advised using more telling Twitter trend words and that is spot on. While #HappyMotherConfessorDay was cute and fun, it did not offer viral or informative interest, both of which are valuable. On the viral side, consider something like, #DontCancelOurHeroes… a play on show names and tapping into an even millions wider audience. When not going viral, be specific. #SaveOurSeeker does it well.

– Continue pumping out beautiful graphics, posters and web adverts.

– Pay attention to the next round of donation funding for the SAVE OUR SEEKER campaign. We’ll be donating a lot of time and energy to it ourselves, hopefully offering an additional incentive boost.

– Watch the show online via Hulu and keep racking up those numbers.

– Continue to interact with as many of the show principles as you can. Getting their support means tens if not hundreds of thousands of more fans.

Those are just a few for now. Keep up the good fight. You guys are very impressive.

On a final note, we are asking around but have not heard confirmation of anything other than the SAVE OUR SEEKER campaign has gotten notice. While we probably won’t be able to share anything more detailed, if we hear it, that is the actual word for the moment.



  1. First of all, thank you Terry & staff for all of the support and guidance. It is so much appreciated!!

    I’ve been a book fan for years and these characters are so dear to me.. to see them come to life has been amazing and I would hate to see it be canceled! I have shared this with some friends and via Twitter – thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness! So appreciative of Terry Goodkind 4 supporting our efforts 2 get the show renewed for Season 3 & beyond! I can’t tell U how motivated we all are for ABC & Disney 2 formally announce Legend of the Seeker has been renewed! Our quest has the best ally of all, The Creator, TG!
    Thanks again,

  3. I certainly hope the show continues! I am a big fan of the books and the show is absolutely wonderful! I will spread the word to all my friends.

  4. In regard to the suggestion to “snap photos of yourself and tag the photo “LEGEND OF THE SEEKER FAN” and mail that to show the networks the faces of the people they’d disappoint if they cancelled your show”

    …there are websites that allow you to upload your photos to postcards and they will mail the postcard with your photo and message to the address of your choice. It will run like 2 or so dollars for everything.

    I think I’ve used SnapFish before and it worked wonderfully.. Just google ‘create photo postcard’

    Anyways, just an idea of how to send ABC/Disney/whoever fan photos of team seeker.

  5. Terry Goodkind and Team,
    Thank you for clarifying things and for your support and ideas, all sound great! I know you will do all you can for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, it is your baby after all. You created the wonderful characters we have grown to love so much. Kahlan and Richard’s love journey is EPIC, and I feel, one of the best of all time, any genre! I also love Cara and Zedd, and so many others from your books, which I have read a few times (All of them!). I am eagerly awaiting the next Kahlan/Richard novel, please keep them coming, we can’t get enough!
    I know with your urging you can get a lot more of the readers of your books to come over to the show. Some have been reluctant, for fear they were not being loyal to the books. But as a lover of both the books and the show, I appreciate each for what they give us. Bridget and Craig smolder as Kahlan and Richard. Tab and Zedd are also beautifully cast and all have brought to life what you describe in your pages so eloquently.
    Again, thank you so much for your help and support.

    With Great Admiration,


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