Car Washes for Legend of the Seeker

May 10, 2010

UPDATE: I have started discussions about this topic at LegendoftheSeeker.org and SF-Fandom to help fans organize these kinds of activities.

Hey fans, I have another idea! Spring is upon us and it’s getting warm and dusty in many parts of the country. So you and your friends might be able to organize “Legend of the Seeker” car washes where you promote the show and wash people’s cars for a few dollars.

This might be especially helpful in the markets vacated by the Tribune Station Group. If you set up a car wash, make sure you notify your local news stations at least 2 days in advance. You can send them this printable amulet to help promote awareness of the campaign to save the show.

Remember, Legend of the Seeker has NOT YET been cancelled, so please DO NOT SAY it has been cancelled.

We are working to ensure there will be a third season. The cast and crew recently went on hiatus after finishing the second season so they are now in normally scheduled “off time” anyway.

Keep your spirits high. You’re doing great work!

ABC Studios and Disney, are you listening?


  1. This is genius haha!

  2. […] Get together with your friends and organize car washes for the Seeker. […]

  3. Seeker Fans please go support the show

    Go to http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3 and sign the petition it can help save the show.

    Pass the word… please!

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