Terry Goodkind joins Save The Seeker campaign

May 9, 2010

As noted in a comment to a previous article here on the Save The Seeker blog, a representative for Terry Goodkind announced on LegendoftheSeeker.org that he is aware of and impressed with our efforts to bring about a third season of Legend of the Seeker.

Terry is launching a new Website this weekend (www.terrygoodkind.com) and he is offering to link to fan sites in the SOS campaign.

And here is a quick message that Bridget Regan Tweeted just a few hours ago: “You guys are AMAZING! I am blown away.”

They know we’re here!

ABC Studios and Disney, join us in celebrating Mother Confessor Day by honoring her and the Seeker with a third season!


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  1. save the seeker…one of the best shows on tv!!!

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