Seeker fans overload LegendoftheSeeker.org server?

May 9, 2010

2nd UPDATE: And it’s gone again. The server may be okay. It could be there is just too much traffic for it.
UPDATE: And it’s back online with almost 1500 visitors in the SOS section …

I’m not sure, but I think LegendoftheSeeker.org just went offline. At one point about an hour ago I saw almost 1200 people logged in to the “Save Our Seeker” section.

I can no longer connect to the site.

Hopefully, it will come back online pronto.



  1. Keep trying. It takes a while, but you can eventually get a page to load. I saw exactly 1999 people on the site last time I managed to visit the main page….

  2. Thanks for your concern! You’re right, we did have a crazy influx of visitors to the website but it was no where near enough to kill the server. The chatbox on the forums is very server intensive and couple that with the large number of users online, it was getting shady for a while.

    The chatbox has been de-activated until further notice.

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