Mother Confessor Day Twitter Takeover update

May 9, 2010

I don’t want to say it failed but let’s just say that Betty White and Justin Bieber make a powerhouse pair who are difficult to tumble. Despite many fans having 2 or more accounts ready to go, during the time I was able to monitor activity we just didn’t trend.

If anyone caught a trend screen capture with #motherconfessorday (or even #happymotherconfessorday), please upload it to an image sharing service like Image Shack and let us know. We’ll link to it here.

I think that, in addition to going up against stiff competition (Bieber himself has well over 2 million followers), the fact that fandom was divided between #motherconfessorday and #happymotherconfessorday ensured that success would lie beyond our grasp.

The majority of Tweets I saw were for the shorter #motherconfessorday but many people seemed split between the two. Even I sent out at least one #happymotherconfessorday Tweet or two.

On a brighter note, this Save The Seeker blog has seen more traffic today than since it was first launched less than 2 weeks ago. The news from LOTS_Sponsor seems to have lit a fire under fans. I’m looking forward to seeing their campaign roll out.

ABC Studios and Disney, PLEASE approve the marketing campaign, okay?


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  1. Hi Michael. we hit the top 10 between 7-8 pm est with #motherconfessorday

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