TrekWeb no longer says show cancelled

May 8, 2010

UPDATE: TrekWeb updated their article after several fans contacted them. Thanks to everyone, and especially thanks to TrekWeb!

I’ve come to expect this from media sites that live and breathe by the rumors Mike Ausiello publishes at EW, but not from fan sites. In a story today “supporting” the Save Our Seeker campaign, TrekWeb republishes the FALSE RUMOR that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled.

While I appreciate their sharing news of our efforts with their readers, I don’t appreciate their misleading those readers into thinking the show has been cancelled. It ain’t cancelled until it’s cancelled.

So, in between your Tweeting and Facebooking, would you mind sending a POLITE message to news@trekweb.com and ask them to update their story to reflect the facts.

And those of you who are out there asking fan sites for help, please stop telling them the show has been cancelled.


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