Seeker fans capture Twitter trend again

May 8, 2010

Seeker fans hit the top 10 trends on Twitter

Seeker fans hit the top 10 trends on Twitter on May 8, 2010

As part of the continuing Save Our Seeker campaign, Seeker fans are out in force today on Twitter. As this screen capture shows, we were able to project #legendoftheseeker into the top ten on world-wide trends.

Once again Seeker fans have teamed up with Allison Mack fans to make a statement on Twitter, build some visibility for their causes, and chew up the clock. 🙂

Don’t forget to ask people to watch Legend of the Seeker.

ABC Studios and Disney, here we are — where are you? Isn’t it time to Save The Seeker?

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother Confessor Day tomorrow.



  1. We actually got much up to the #4 spot!

  2. This is true! We got to #4 🙂 I screencapped it also

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